Unlocking Your Husband’s Natural Strength

I know for a fact that most men are willing to take steps to build a loving and lasting relationships. Who doesn’t? The problem is evident though, that the average man does not know, or at the least realize how much a strong relationship at home benefits nearly every area of his life.

Different, in several aspects from men, women seem to have in themselves “built in marriage manuals.” God must have seem to equip women from birth with skills a man tends to lack. And I don’t say this to put the men down. Fact is that must have been the reason for the special title has given her as a man’s “completer” and “helper” in Genesis 2:18

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Sadly, some women use this natural edge to bashing men and their position at home, which should not be so. If we’re going to talk about rights, I will be the first in line doing the march on that next rally. But I respect men as having been given that authority over women. And that applies to our homes. How many matriarchal homes have we seen? More than enough, I believe. It’s in our culture and even though most men have succumbed to this kind of vice presidency, they would admit to anyone in a heartbeat that this is not what it’s supposed to be.

Although a man generally does not speak as many words as we do or even be naturally sensitive like us. He is no less than capable to be a great lover in the home. He is naturally given by God the ability to be the very loving leader his family needs. And by taking his position, in some ways that we may not even be aware of, we rob him of this joy. In effect, some wives tend to just live mediocre lives, in a “so-so” home.

It may come to you as strange, when I say that God has designed a man to be the lover in a home. After all, we have known man to have innate in him a conquering spirit, logical, fact-driven nature. But these characteristics don’t repel any of my first statements. They can actually go together.

How do I say this with confidence? Man is designed to think objectively, more than we women hope to be capable of. When a man is driven to see that he is his home’s king, he embraces that fact and heads on to that kind of love that lasts and that can thrive apart from feelings. Love, stripped to its core is just that. Choosing to love is a decision, because feelings falter with our nature of being imperfect.

If truth will really be laid out in the open, men in many marriages come into his own marriage with great and tremendous baggage. Most grew up with absentee fathers, did not have loving father as a child, some had their parents model only two communication skills: anger and silence. In spite of this, all along he is given ability on which he could draw anytime, to develop a strong marriage. Once he knew how to fulfill a relationship, he could tap into his natural drive and desire to “conquer” and use it to strengthen his marriage.

Unlocking Your Husband’s Natural Strength

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