Home Makeover


When we transferred to our new home April last year, we can only hope we are able to stash away all our old furnishings and welcome new ones that would match our brand new home.One of the things that I hope to have had incorporated in our new home are roller blinds.I have always thought these to be classic and very low maintenance.

SelectBlinds.com are the ones who are responsible for providing window coverings for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.It’s always a delight to watch that show and see all those wonderful backdrop of blinds they get to match with all the changes that they do in the former house to the jaw dropping, newly renovated one.The team behind SelectBlinds.com does a great job in each and every episode.I have seen this for myself.My hope is to be able to get one of their gorgeous blinds for our own home.

Home Makeover
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