They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Does it really? For if it does, I will seriously consider getting an apple every single day, even though it is a least favorite. I was raging with 39 degree Celsius temperature when I got to the church for the evening service last night. Early yesterday afternoon when I attended the leaders meeting for the upcoming Ladies Conference this coming Saturday in Teatro Marikina, my head was already heavy. All along I thought it was another migraine bout, so I dismissed it.I had to rush to Makati to attend the vesper service.

I haven’t been sick with anything (except with my usual migraine) for sometime now and it felt weird not having my body do what my mind dictates. I was aching all over, similar to an onset of a flu. But truth is, I can take all these, but I pray that my son be spared from any sickness. Late last night we checked his temperature and it was 38.3 Celsius. And during that time the paracetamol I took earlier has already done me good. I am since fever free. I just pray though, my son will be totally free from fever. The last medication he took was at four this morning and he is doing 37.2 currently.

Health is indeed wealth. I pray that for the Lord to keep us healthy. These alarms are just reminders that our mortal bodies will fail us one way or another. We will really just to have to totally depend on God’s mercy every single day and know that He is in full control. 🙂


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