Romance in Marriage

I have heard a number of how-to’s in keeping love alive in marriages. I will not dare claim to be an authority on love, I just hope to share with you, even as I do with the people we counsel, the factors that work for us in our own marriage.

1. The absolute first is love like God loves. Who can best model love more than Christ Himself. Love unconditionally. If a couple goes about their marriage in a day to day basis with this in mind, living selflessly will not be as hard as it seem.

2. Second is to affair proof your marriage. Nothing kills the romantic feeling faster than the thought that your spouse doesn’t wholly belong to you.

3. For those with children, the third most important thing is to raise them up right in an ungodly culture. The world deteriorates double time, physically and morally speaking. I can not emphasize enough the significance of the parents being the model and source of moral foundation to your child. There are definitely absolute truths that we should impart to them. And there’s no better way to teach these to them than right from the formative years.

4. Work together especially through the tough times. How many times have it been said that the real beauty of gold is seen after it gets refined under fire. But fact is, no marriage is immune to tough times. Those trying times, in whatever form, should strengthen your marriage, not harm it.

This basic four don’t just spell out the inevitable loving note of romance that comes as an overflow from truly loving each other. It is the little things we choose on a daily basis, coming together reconciling with these four factors. The bonus is, it does not just keep romance in a marriage, it also is the key to a strong family.

Romance in Marriage
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