Dear SmartBro, Quality Service Please

Since July of last year, when we first subscribed to Smartbroadband internet provider, count: 6 months, I have been ranting in frustration over the disturbances in its performance.There were not only days, but there were also weeks on end that we get shortchanged by receiving less than what we are paying for monthly.We have six more months to wait for us to be free of this lock up period agreement.

 Service or lack of it has been a long standing, predominant issue in our country, not uncommon to Smartbro, really. From the smallest entities offering what have you services, to the basic home utilities. Inspite of this, I am made hopeful by the many international companies putting up their channels here in our native land. They regularly conduct performance reviews for quality assurance, and little by little our local companies are incorporating this task to upgrade their services. I am finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. Very soon we need not settle for the crappy kind of service that we’ve been made to settle for.

Dear SmartBro, Quality Service Please

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