My Sweet Indulgence



One of the very few indulgences that I have not spared myself from despite the many overwhelming responsibilities that come with the many facets of motherhood, is my scented candle luxury. I am a certified scented candle junkie for over a decade now.

I have recently contacted via SMS a local dealer of Soy Candles. With my advocacy for green living, going natural and all environment awareness movements I support, I have once again researched on this wonder soy candles.

It sure has been gaining good reviews against the more popular petroleum based candle wax. Candles made from soy are biodegradable and are already accepted as a reusable energy source. I have also learned that they are longer lasting.

When we went to our local distributor last month to get my supply, I was told that people are getting wholesale soy candles for holiday gifts. These natural soy candles carries exquisite and superior fragrances based in all natural vegetable oil, and not your traditional liquid petroleum based fragrance. I personally vouch for soy based scented candles. I use this on a regular basis especially when I’m out of sorts. It relaxes me somehow and ushers me to that spa experience right from my own bath.

My Sweet Indulgence

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