Heroes 2×12



Finally, the long wait is over. (almost!) It must have been the longest month wait since we last saw episode eleven of Heroes’ second season. This is the weekly fix Jeff and I were glued in until its abrupt cessation, at least from our end. I don’t know from this side of the world if they ever told their followers in America that they will have to wait till Jan 2008. But rumor has it that alongside Prison Break and Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes will be shown in time for Kiefer Sutherland’s season seven sequel of 24 this January 14. Yay!!!


Just a few more good night’s sleep and we will soon watch it’s third book. The last one we saw was a major killer. A teaser shows Sylar getting his power back. Oh man, I can’t wait to see the next episode real soon. I am also excited for the next episode of Prison Break. These series have addicting tastes to it. I would not dare watch 24 though anytime soon. That’s something we reserve for “marathon days.” Holy week perhaps. We’re gonna have to wait till the season completes before sitting down to watch it. Jack Bauer has seriously gone addict, but still indestructible at that. There are some few issues I have with that series. But it sure does keep you on your seat glued, with bathroom breaks as the only acceptable pauses.


I just love the way each episode of Heroes climaxes. There were a number of episodes which were a little too dragging for me, just as some of Prison Break’s episodes were. But the plot has gotten more interesting by the episode. I have been here waiting, watching and still waiting patiently until that next episode .


Heroes 2×12

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