Dreaming of a New Car

The first car we had in the family was a wine red 1993 Toyota Corolla XE.This was really my mother’s car but we were the ones who used it since I was the only one who knew how to drive.It was the car I drove back in 2001 when Jennie and I were newly weds.Eventually, it was sold so we reverted to taking public transportation.

The next car we had, and this is the one we are still using at present, is a white 1988 1.5-liter Nissan California.This was issued to us by our mother church for use in our ministry in Makati when we planted our church in 2003.

With a growing family we are hoping and praying for a new vehicle, hopefully a 4X4 with truck accessories or maybe even just a compact car.Maybe, with more extra steady income from our current business, God willing, we would be able to get one in the next three years.

Dreaming of a New Car

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