Post Christmas Thoughts

More than two weeks after Christmas and my son is still getting post holiday presents. How fun it is to be a child again! Jeff saw some more gifts for him sitting on the church office’s reception desk today. I’m sure when my son wakes up in the morning he will be thrilled to have them opened. The way his eyes widen whenever he opens each gift and all the conspicuous giddiness in his actions that radiates through his face fascinates me big time.

He is turning three years old in exactly four months and I can see through the way he responds from all the recent holiday celebration how my little precious’ soul is slowly embracing the Spirit of Christmas, even through his “child-sighted” eyes. I am passionate to have him see in the future what gift giving symbolizes –God’s undying love for us when He gave His only Son to redeem us. We have slowly introduced to him from his infant years, through his picture Bible who Jesus is and who we pray to. With God’s grace, I am made confident that when the time is right, God’s plan of salvation will not sound foreign to him because he has known it all along.

Post Christmas Thoughts

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