Our Love Story

 Sharing with our dear readers, our love story, where it all began.

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Where we Met

Jennie and I met when we were Sunday School attenders at our church. I was in the 6th grade then and she was in the 5th. There were only a few of us in our Sunday School class so we really remembered each other. Up until my early high school years I still had communication with her.

We were just friends back then (but she had a crush on me, as she revealed to me when she became my girlfriend). I didn’t have a thing for her back then but I did notice then that a big sister friend of mine usually teased me. My friend would tell me almost every Sunday that “someone” wanted to say “hi!” to me.

Time Apart

But Jennie and I parted ways when she was in third year high school. Their family transferred to Sampaloc, Manila and they stopped attending in our church (I supposed they attended a church near their place). And during that time, I never really forgot about her because I had contact with her cousins, who were still attending our church and they were part of our church’s youth group. I did have other crushes in high school and she had her own share of boys in her life, too.

Together Again

Then came the time when they came back to Antipolo City and we saw each other again. At that time, though she had a boyfriend. But I started noticing her in a different way. I seldom saw her but we still remembered each other and didn’t forget saying hi to each other. I remember the time when their family regularly attended our church again. I started to show my attraction; unintentionally or not, I asked common friends her pager number, approached her when common friends were around, appearing to be generally friendly but discreetly talked to her when she was all alone.

It was the Christmas holidays of 1996 when I started pursuing her. I started calling her, and began inviting her out. The courtship started. It was at 10:00PM in February 10, 1997 when we officially became together. It was at ULTRA, Pasig City, four days before (Valentine’s Day) while watching a concert of Ron Kenoly that we told our friends about our new relationship.

Since that day, we never looked back. We entered the relationship that we had with the intention of marrying each other. And on the 8th of December 2001, we got married.

What we have is not a “happily ever” kind of relationship. Just like any other relationship, we’re not perfect individuals and we’re not in a perfect marriage. But we’ve committed to stand by each other no matter what and declared this commitment in front of friends, family and God. And with God’s grace and guidance, we are now on our way to our 7th year of marriage. Jennie, here’s to our marriage and beyond…

Our Love Story
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