Home at the Movies

Receiving a comment from a survey about movies that I posted some days ago, made me just wonder about things. I remember the days when my friends and I would line up even for premiers of great movies, the popcorn and fun times with them. Over time we realize that with all the responsibilities that pile up as we grow older, we don’t get to have the same fun times we used to have.

Life takes different interesting turns. More often than not, it’s a welcome transition. It is, at least, for me. I love doing the things that I do for my family. Every little thing. I have become an expert at juggling. It’s a good thing that getting hold of our fix doesn’t require much of time nowadays.

After our weekly devotion last night, we watched “Enchanted” (and were we enchanted!) before we went to sleep. It was a real fun movie. The setting may not have been as glamorous as a theatre’s surround sounds, but the widescreen display of this laptop proved to be good enough for us three on our cozy warm bed. What better way of spending fun time with the family.

Home at the Movies

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