Benefits of Molasses

I have first heard of the benefits of molasses when I read about it in Momex webpage. It so surprised me that my faithful standout ingredient in baking banana cake was a health hit and through the conversations in that thread it turned out it was not just beneficial as a supplement but is also used in alternative treatment for myoma uteri fibroids. It all sounded strange to me. In fact the first time I visited the page with the then brand new entry by Ella, I just slipped by not really reading through.

I got really interested in this, because dear sister has a withstanding problem with her own and it turns out that hers is getting bigger according to sonogram results.  I opted to browse through more literatures and checked with Mr. Google about this concern and there popped several results on this supposedly famous alternative treatment that I recently discovered. There were even blatant search results that shouts out “Shrink Fibroids, it has to be the Molasses.” That’s really a brave claim.

I began embracing the alternative lifestyle (a.k.a. “going natural”) when I first got pregnant with Jed. It was not a sudden blast of change though. Back tracking entries from my 2005 archive will prove this. But that’s another story. The wonders of the molasses still amaze me until now, I have to still read more on it. I can now only recall how it used to sit on my cupboard just waiting for my next batch of banana cake batter to be mixed.

I found several links that vouches for Molasses and how it cures. Ailments from A-Z cured with molasses. Here’s one. Wikipedia defines molasses as a thick syrup, by product from the processing of sugar cane or sugar beet into sugar. Its quality depends on the maturity of the sugar cane, the amount of sugar extracted and the method of extraction. There are three types of molasses: unsulphured, sulphured and blackstrap. Unsulphured being the finest quality, which comes from the juice of sun ripened cane. Sulphured type comes from green sugar cane that has not matured long enough and undergoes sulphur treatment during its extraction process. Blackstrap is from the third boil of the sugar cane. Here are other helpful links on the benefits of molasses.


This is what a bottle of molasses looks like. This is actually the same brand that I first bought. I recently bought a cheaper one. Half the price and double the size. It’s a local brand. It has the same thick and rather strong taste. The thing is I’m not sure what type that is, because label does not say. I am out to research more on it.




And this is how it looks like. It’s gooey and has a real thick consistency. I actually have to force myself to take a tablespoon a day at first. It is naturally rich in iron, calcium and several other minerals. I have altogether stopped taking in synthetic supplements for quite sometime now. But I’m now used to its taste and actually am beginning to like it. 🙂

Benefits of Molasses
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