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Marriage and Beyond

“Why should you get paid to blog for a year?”

I am a thirty one year old pastor’s wife who has spent the last three years journaling events and milestones of her life with her family through blogging. I have recently joined in the bandwagon of getting my own domain and have actually started monetizing my blog. Writing is one of my passions and even as I currently juggle several tasks in my everyday life, I still choose to stay out of mediocrity through continuous learning.

I want to get paid to blog primarily because of the passion that I put in every entry in my website. I want to give the best to my readers and make sure quality content is there. Sharing life’s teachings is an offshoot of my passion for learning. Through this I am also able to write about the principles I believe in that I inject in my counseling ministries. If it God wills for me to be paid to blog for a year, I will be very grateful and make sure that I will allow myself to be a channel of blessing to others through the things I write.

About this Blogger:

I am a stay at home mom, who recently turned work at home mom through this blogging business. I am towards taking the board exam for teachers this coming April and afterwhich take up my Masteral in Special Education.

About the Blog:

on marriage, everything in between and thereafter.


Please Keep the Votes Coming!
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