One Stop Wedding Resource

As a true blue wedding planner and coordinator, I have realized the importance of having a one stop wedding resource at the disposal of the couple to be wed and even for me as the organizer. I have a handful of entries on weddings and fact is I could go on and on rave about things about wedding events and the dynamics.But behind all the glamour and “the works” are dedication, expertise and real hard work to say the least.

I have come to value the importance of a wedding directory.I can never emphasize enough how important this is for the bride-to-be to get a hold of.It gives her a certain level and feel of control over the many details in the most awaited day of her life.

A bridal directory should consist of categories ranging from details and tips about pre nuptial arrangements and preparations, the ceremonial rites, reception down to a list of various honeymoon destinations to choose from.It should contain a wide array of vendors with their price list to make it a whole lot easier for the couple to decide on. Because a wedding is really supposed to be fun and despite the many details to fill in,the quality of the preparation the couple has put in this major event of their lives should be a lifetime worthwhile treasure to keep in their hearts.


One Stop Wedding Resource

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