Jed’s Christmas Loot


Last night, a couple of hours before the clock struck twelve, our family (all the people present in this picture) gathered around in our humble abode, for which reason you will all know in a while, to open our Christmas gifts.

This is practically the first Christmas Jed ever had that I would say he truly enjoyed. His first Christmas ever was in 2005, he was seven months old and did not have a clue what to do with those bright colored paper wrappers we are getting him to rip open. In 2006, he was already a year and seven months old and although he kind of knew that he’s opening gifts, today is a whole lot different because: (1) From this previous entry, Jed has gotten a long way, (2) he was not just able practice patience, he passed it with flying colors, I should say. Even as Christmas day came closer by the day and he knew gifts for him continue to pile up under the tree, he never fussed again after that instance when he first saw the gifts, (3) his glee, even as he rips each and every gift last night was just unmistakable, even downright fascinating. He actually knew what’s inside is something for him. He was so delightful to watch even as rushes to rip every gift open, the anticipation in his face just makes me smile even as I remember it now.

The adults around him sure did have gifts to open as well, but his presents practically outlasted him in a sense that when he was overwhelmed with his several gifts (especially the car toys) he got confused already what he would do first, to play with newly opened gifts or to rip open all the other remaining ones.

My son sure is one loved little guy and even as I see that delightful glee in his eyes, I know he feels that now. We are indeed grateful for those who showered not just his eyes, but his heart with joy. Even as material as this appears to be, the true spirit of what gift giving is will be made known to him even as he grows up. Dear husband and I will make sure of that. 🙂

Jed’s Christmas Loot
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