Why I Blog

A few days back, one of my favorite writers from Philstar, Butch Dalisay enumerated his inspirations and sentiments on blogging. This made me sit and go back to my own reasons back in 2005 why I chose to broadcast my thoughts.

My love for journaling dates back when I was a child. Having accumulated several diaries from grade school to college, I’d say that it has been an outlet to the endless chronicles of my frustrations and secret childhood sentiments. Until I realized how sloppy I have become, owning several journals and not getting anyone of them regularly updated. In 1993, after using a personal computer back home for a couple or so years already, I finally stashed my several diaries aside and wrote my thoughts via the obsolete WordPerfect of MS DOS. The screen was already black and white as opposed to the former green texts that surely hurt my eyes. I’m surprised with my wide exposure to unfiltered monitors, I still sport a 20/20 vision. 🙂

To my dismay, after a year or so of typing away my thoughts, dear mother found a file containing a letter to my then boyfriend. I knew it was never going to be safe writing any of my thoughts down without feeling all naked knowing that it’s only going to be a matter of time until mother gets down to my files again. Passwords were not yet incorporated in the softwares I used back then. So, I stopped journaling altogether.

Fast forward to 2005 when dear husband and I were finally pregnant with Jed, after almost 3 years of waiting, I so wanted to journal everything. Scrapbooking was tempting. But it was too tedious, time consuming and I knew time would pass that it too will all be brown, torn and tarnished. I so wanted it to be still fresh and new and available until the time our baby will be old enough to appreciate and see how he was loved right from when he was still in utero. How we prepared for his birth through the classes his father and I attended which were conducted by Chiqui Brosas-Hahn. How we opted to go through childbirth the natural way (Lamaze-Bradley Method). There were so much to jot down, I was overwhelmed, from choosing the right name to preparing right. It was such a joy to welcome a blessing and it would have been a regret not to seize that season in our lives by not writing it down in pages. Blogging sure was the more convenient method.

The vulnerability of the world reading my thoughts don’t bother me. There are only but a few things we are free to do, and this is one of those things that I hope to maximize.

Globalization has burnt the boundaries that were and has made the world accessible to every person via the net. It may be a good thing, or not. It’s really how we see and make use of it. This blog is three weeks old today. I have moved houses at least four times already, taking with me old entries just like what we do when we actually move houses. The only difference is we don’t need the muscles of the house movers.

Milestones and what not’s. There are but too many to blog about. Even as my primary reason for blogging was to jot down milestones of my son’s growth, I evolved to knowing that the more permanent reason is “love”. That would be the greatest reason for doing anything at all. My love for God, my family, friends, life. Everything. I refuse to be boxed by any circumstance or trial. I want to see things through and this helps me collect my thoughts and even as I run through them, I see life more fun that it projects itself to be. 🙂

Why I Blog
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