Blogging 101

Having recently joined in the bandwagon of blogging, claiming for ourselves this very first domain, I will be the first one to stand and admit it’s no piece of cake.  Even as our friend, Neil, who readily guides us in the roundabouts of this business. The selfless person that I believe that he is, he even held a talk on blogging and some basics about it for free, which both Jeff and I attended a couple of weeks back. There sure were several things that were shared, almost like information overload, if you ask me.

But even if that was true, sites such as would come in really handy. Several information with regards to blogging and how to go about in creating your own website. Pinoy Press Dot Org is an online community of pinoy bloggers with forums and tutorials on blogging guides, tips, tricks, strategies, how to monetize your website, (one of which is the very timely Christmas blog contest) and everything else that would surely classify it to be a blogger’s best friend facility.

Blogging 101
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