On Runway Lights and Parenting

At last after attempting to finish several books that I started reading, I’m finally done with a book in many years tonight and I feel excited to finish the next book I started a few minutes ago. It’s the book that was reviewed by Jennie a few posts back. I just finished reading the foreword and I am itching to get back to it. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak, so I think I’d resume reading it tomorrow – I just got back from our football team‘s training at Marikina Sports Park then at Starbucks with Jennie where I finished the foreword (after finishing another book, “World Famous Battles”) of this book I’m talking about.

What made me itch for more of it are the two guiding principles the author mentioned in the challenging task of child rearing. He (Dr. James Dobson) told a story about a friend he had who was a recreational pilot and one day flew his single-engine plane toward his home base at a small country airport. This friend of his waited too long to start back and arrived in the area of the landing field as the sun was setting behind a mountain. By the time his plane was in position to land, the runway was too hazy to be seen. So he circled the field to make another attempt to land, but by then it was darker. For two hours he flew his plane around and around desperately in the blackness of the night, knowing that the probability of death was waiting as fuel was about to run out. Then as panic started to grip him, miraculously a man started to drive a car back and forth on the runway to show him the airstrip’s location. Then the man let the car cast the beam of its headlights from a far end of the strip while he landed his plane. Dr. Dobson went on to write that as lights on an airport’s runway serve as guides – reliable markers, that illuminate the safe region between extremes, so were the two guiding principles he mentioned to raising a child- love and control. A proper balance between these two principles likely produces a healthy relationship between parents and their children.

This made me excited because as a father of a 2-year, 7-month old son (who sometimes manifests characteristics of the ‘terrible two’) I’m sure this book I’ve started reading will come in very handy.

So now I must try to get some sleep so that tomorrow, I can get back to reading my new book I’m determined to finish.

On Runway Lights and Parenting
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