For the Love of the Game

David Beckham, at age 32, is earning a salary of $250 million for a 5-year contract with LA Galaxy – I could say he has reached the peak of his career financially. I, at age 32, on the other hand, am just starting to play football (soccer) regularly. I learned to play football when I was in the 6th grade at Marist School, and played regularly during my high school (at QCSHS) but never touched a soccer ball in college. I joined a team (Marikina United FC) on May 2007. We meet for practice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 7PM at the Marikina Sports Park. Just recently, our team joined a tournament that was organized by Philippine Football Federation (PFF). This tournament is composed of 17 teams from around Metro Manila under the 3rd division. The top eight teams will move in to the 2nd division (where NCAA and UAAP football teams are categorized).

Anyway, I find it a bit awkward to be starting to play for a team at my age (when most players would be near retirement) but I have no regrets doing so. I guess I just love football so much and I’m sure most people around the world would understand (it’s the most popular sport around the world).

Marikina United FC vs Xavier Alumni FC

But I am more excited to start teaching my son Jed to play football. I hope to pass on to him the passion for this game and maybe even give him the advantage by letting him learn earlier than I did. I foresee me and Jed playing and talking about football together. And of course our number one fan is Jennie, my wife. I just imagine her screaming and cheering for our team (just like she did when she watched us play against Xavier Alumni FC where we lost 4-1, he he) and encouraging us and indulging us in our interest when Jed grows up. Boy, am I thankful for my wife for her supportive attitude especially when it comes to football – Jen, I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to pursue this hobby. I promise to use this interest for our family to do together as Jed grows up. Because even though football is one of my passions, you and Jed come first. 🙂

For the Love of the Game
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