Tonight’s Bedtime Story: Gideon and The Fleece



The Little Children’s Bible Storybook by the Scandinavia Publishing House has long been a staple in our bedtime routine. My sweet sister, Rose regularly showers Jed with all the gifts any loving Aunt can give, and this is one of our favorites. Jed has encountered all the major characters in the Bible and gets to steal the narration parts every so often. We have started doing this routine ever since he got the book, when he was around 5 or 6 months. Now, he knows most of the characters’ dialogues and even requests particular stories for us to read on some nights.

Tonight we read about Gideon and the Fleece which was taken from Judges chapter 6. It delights me so much and I really get all giddy when Jed exhibits longer attention on listening to stories, especially when I see in his eyes and overall facial expression that he feels with with the characters.



This is the portion of the story when I saw the look in his face how well he understood what I was narrating. The page quotes, “God’s chosen people, the Israelites were scared of the terrible Medianite robbers, they had to hide in caves.” After I pointed out from the picture telling the Israelites and Medianites apart, I made sure he knew why the people of God were afraid. (there were pictures of burning crops and camels being stolen). Jed really looked serious, he quipped while pointing to the Israelites, “They are afraid!” Then towards the end of our story for the night, I reiterated about the uncertainty of the Israelites and Gideon felt, it was also the part where an angel appeared to Gideon to tell him that the Lord is with him. I then had Jed say with me while I had him place his right hand upon his chest, “The Lord is with me!” Then as we said that together, he then said “Amen” at the end. It just makes my heart smile, this tells me how he associates prayer to the Lord. These things we try to impart him, may not be all that clear to him now. But even as the Lord has gifted us with this reward of a child, I am reminded of the kind of parent I was called to be for my son.

Clearly, he can now associate the “Lord” with “prayer.” As Jed comes to know the stories of those old people from the Bible (read: 900+ plus years old and still kicking!), he becomes familiar with the generation that was and what the Lord was to them. My prayer is as he grows up, he gets to experience God for himself, the way He was in the lives of those people in the ages past. If there’s anything certain it is this — the God that we have is the same God that Abraham had in the Old Testament.

After this story, we capped the night with prayer, anticipating a bright and shiny Lord’s day ahead.

Tonight’s Bedtime Story: Gideon and The Fleece
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