Beyond Five Years of Marriage

My wife and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this Saturday, December 8. And after almost six years of being married, I thank God that Jennie and I are still together braving the difficulties of marriage at the same time enjoying being together with our 2 1/2 year old son, Jed.

PC User

Lately, Jen & I have been busy being in front of the computer because of this new baby (site) we have. Just last night (technically, this morning) we slept past 2AM. I just find it so “beyond” – getting busy together online, learning new things about editing sites, staying up late together, taking care of this new endeavor and watching it grow. It’s like a new hobby we have. We used to play badminton together – sometimes we’d go to Starbucks (even though we’re not coffee drinkers) and just hang out and read our books and talk. Clicking and typing in front of the screen while she sits beside me or vice-versa is really like this new thing that we can do together now. And hopefully this would become more fruitful for us as a couple and as a family when the virtual world begins to take notice of us.

Well, I just find the domain name that Jennie chose so appropriate – I am positive that it will perfectly describe the content of this new blog around the block. Uhmm, it’s Jennie’s turn to use the PC – let me sign out for now…

Beyond Five Years of Marriage
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