Professional Teacher Preparation: Micro Teaching

Sigh! It has been a crazy 4 month course for me, to say the least! And I am so relieved to finally realize, that in a week’s time, I’m all done with it! Tonight I will have my micro-teaching presentation. The last major requirement that I would have to present. I am finally done with 4 major papers for just one subject and all the take home final tests from two other subjects. Tuesday next week will be my last finals test in Educational Psychology. Bummer! But that would be so minor compared to all the other stuff I had to go through. I have documented every single paper I have done and will post it after submission.


I never realized my friend Ana was serious when she so warned me not to take all 18 units. Full load! It’s always me to finish everything that I have to do, when I can. I have always been that way with everything in my sleeves. I would get restless at the end of the day knowing I have pending things to do. O.C.? I doubt.

It’s just a part of my personality. I have always been like that, have been labeled “flash” several times back at work, and now here in school. Aside from the fact that I get things done right away, I can’t slow down now when I have to juggle everything from attending to the house, to my son, to my studies and everything else I do in between.

Reality check: After this course, I would have to consider quite a handful of occupational possibilities, and then the gruesome reality of having to take the board next year. I have set my mind to worry about it later. This puts me in a major stress mode. You see, PRC will be the one to assign my major subject assignment, which will be the majority of my subjects back in college! That’s 40% of the entire board exam! 40%! I have to get atleast 75% to pass!

Here’s what is frustrating, I finished BSC Major in Business Adminstration in University of Santo Tomas, and majority of the subjects I had was Math! Boy, all sorts of Math! I so regret the fact that I did not choose the course I took then. All of my college admission tests were taken care of my father, which I truly am thankful for. I passed all. I just hoped that papa didn’t choose both quota courses for my first and second choices in my UP application though. I would have graduated iskolar ng bayan (a nation’s scholar).

That said, UST is not half bad. I’m proud to be a Tomasian. If I knew I would take CPE now, I would have taken Education in college instead. But I just had no direction then. From what I have learned in my current studies, where on earth was my former high school’s service on career guidance and counseling?

So, most likely, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) just might assign Math as my major. Anything but Math! I’m still hopeful though. Math is my least favorite subject. Going back, one reason could be that my father used to beat me up over a failure in Math in grade school. But for some reason also, I landed to be one of the two presenters in a Math quiz bee in my former high school, and in Infant, my former other high school, I was also one of the two who passed Trigonometry in our class in second year. This landed me on stage as a recipient of a Second Honorable Mention certificate shortly before I have to leave that school. My schoolmates must’ve been as mystified as I was – I didn’t get a single congratulatory greeting. Haha!

Could my father’s corporal discipline have done it? I am not certain. But my repulsion over Math remains. Must have been the traumatic discipline back in childhood.  My ultimate prayer towards this concern is may this mystery work just as well in the board exam next year. May I solicit your prayers on this? Thanks in advance.


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Professional Teacher Preparation: Micro Teaching
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