My 31st Birthday!

Majority of the day was spent in the driver’s license renewal center (Robinson’s Metro East Mall!) — Lesson learned: next license renewal will be done elsewhere (Farmer’s where I had my license renewed 2 years ago or get my license renewed days before my birthday.)

It felt pathetic having to line up and wait for hours on end on your birthday and as if it was not bad enough, they handed me my new license with the official receipt of someone else’s! Argh! Turned out they mistakenly handed my o.r. to another lady! How bad could it get, really? So, I had to go back and follow it up with them.

31st birthday

So there, but I still was able to enjoy a sumptuous lunch at Barrio Fiesta (crispy pata, sinigang na sugpo at some binagoongan veggies) courtesy of MIL (whose birthday falls the day after mine). I feel proud to see Jed really exhibiting his expertise on toilet training. All the time we were out, he would always say when he wants to pee, whether at the mall or the resto. You see it would have been easier for him to pee on his nappies, but didn’t. (I still had him wear his nappies, just in case).

I missed class today, good thing my easiest class falls on a Friday.

We just went right back to the license renewal center after lunch. And the night was spent with Mama, Papa, Ted, Rose and the three of us, Jeff, me and Jed at home, we feasted on papa’s famous spaghetti and Ted and Rose’s Choco Marble Ice Cream!

Yes, it does feel weird to be 31, but I feel accomplished being in a place where I believe the Lord wants me to be at this age. I’m a constant work in progress and I pray that even as another year unfolds, I will have the wisdom to do things right still and even better. I have many thoughts on the things that are lined up for me after my classes are officially over. That’s another entry on the blog, that I hope to sit down on.

Happy birthday to me, and contrary to the weirdness I felt when the day started, it feels good to be cherished by my loved ones. Another year of blessings and exhibition of God’s faithfulness in my life… 🙂

My 31st Birthday!

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