The Shifting Technique

Last night I introduced a new milk formula to Jed via shifting technique. Two scoops of his good formula and one scoop of his new milk formula. I asked his pedia, Dra. April G. Salvador and she said it was okay for him to take the new formula because at exactly 2 years old, his weight was that of the average 4 year old. He was 35lbs. when he had his typhoid shot 3 weeks ago. I wanted to shift him because, for economic reason. 2.5 kilos of fortified is even cheaper than 2 kilos of 1+. Second, I don’t really believe that it’s all in the milk. Contrary to what the television commercial tries to lure consumers to believe. I think it’s the genes and I happen to think that he’s got his from the best sets.

Eventhough I give Jed cow’s milk, I am still partial towards breastmilk. It turned out that I was unable to do exclusive breastfeeding because of some lumpectomy operation I underwent when I was still single (19 years old). During Jed’s 6 months of life, I tried all I can to breastfeed him exclusively and even joined a breastfeeding group and even saw an IBCL consultant for advise and help. Even rented from Chiqui Brosas-Hahn her Pump-In-Style (Medela’s). I practically mixed fed him during that time, most of the time I pumped away, because my baby undestandably wanted the bottle over me, because I have so little supply. Until the 6th month, I would practically just pump an average of 6 ounces a day.

I pray that the next time, maybe after 3 or 4 years, if the Lord wills it, I will be able to breastfeed my next baby exclusively (I wish! I wish!) I have this hope because during the same time Jed was 1 year old, I started using BEP , I noticed I got my milk back. Now, I’m not sure anymore if I can produce milk despite my previous operation. But now I know better than to give in to pressure to give the bottle instead. But anyway, I might not have been able to breastfeed Jed for long, but he sure is one healthy baby boy. I forget he’s fast leaving that baby stage, but still can’t help calling him my baby. The last fever he got was when he had herpangina that he developed ulcers around the throat, and that was it! He was 9 months old then. It was when I started giving him BEP and stopped the other supplements prescribed by his former pedia (namely, cheriffer and ped-cee) that he started to really be healthy, got bigger, stronger and brighter each week. He keeps on surprising us with the different things that he’s already able to do.

I thank his current pedia for respecting our choice not to give him unnatural vitamin supplements. She saw for herself how BEP is doing Jed well.

The Shifting Technique

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