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As a modern consumer, I’ve only been made aware of what’s commercialized and what people consider as effective and basically the “only” thing that exists, such as the famous Off lotion to repel insects. Little did I know that its ingredients can jeopardize my very health and the rest of the consumers’. Most commercialized insect repellents contain DEET. Most of these well known products like Off! claim that the DEET content is negotiable and safe. I wonder then why pregnant women are told to keep away from using these products. I checked wikipedia and here’s what it says …

“However, recent studies by Duke University researchers have shown that frequent and prolonged exposure to DEET by topical application, especially when in conjunction with exposure to other pesticides or chemicals, causes serious, diffuse brain cell death and behavioral changes in laboratory rats. The researchers warn the public to use DEET with caution, especially among populations like children who are more vulnerable to brain defects.[1]

I have made these realization when I got pregnant with Jed more than 2 years ago. The place we were renting was plagued with mosquitoes and I just had to get something to get those pests off me. So I bought a bottle of scented pink Off! Along the way, I read about DEET and I stopped using it and my doctor talked me off using it. So, I tried to find ways. I bought a bottle of DEET-free commercial product also I forgot what that is already. To cut the long story short when Jed came I had to come up with the best ways to protect him from this insect infested country we live in. (I don’t know if it’s the climate) Bugs are just everywhere wherever part of the Metropolis you are. No wonder Dengue has found its haven with us for some years now.

I have also used Enfant Mosquito Repellent but got turned off eventually with its sticky after feel. We are now using VCO-based repellents with citronella extracts for its effective, natural and its being most economical.

Far left is the VCO and pure citronella oil Bounty Forest Brand bought from ISIP near Rockwell.

The one in the middle is I think the coolest find yet. Deet-free stinger charged with citrnonella Bug Off! a non-toxic, nothing to apply, longer lasting rechargeable glow. Yes! It glows in the dark! Plus you don’t have to buy over again, it doesn’t ran out. What you just need to do is recharge it! It was a great find from ACE Hardware for 199.75. It saves you that application time and it’s best for outdoors. I haven’t seen a bite on Jed since I got him to use this. I don’t even apply anything on me anymore more often than not because I lie beside him at night. (Yes, we co-sleep!) So that makes us two being protected. Save for one night when I felt there were more mosquitoes than other days. I still use the lotion for reinforcement sometimes. Our home is screened from windows to doors, but the bugs just get their way in somehow. Tidy inside out as well.

Far right is Sting-Less Mosquito Repellant by Ilog Maria. Repels mosquitoes without chemicals. Citronella, lemongrass and other plant oils naturally repel mosquitoes all day.Dab a few drops on clothing, exposed parts of arms, legs and neck.

Price : Php 71.50
Unit Weight(g) : 60 grams
Packaging : 50 ml bottle, 60 grams

So there, a list of wonderful alternatives. Safe, effective and economical.

On Insect Repellants
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