Homeowners, Finally!

I have almost forgotten how taxing moving houses can be. Wednesday midnight we have finally moved our things from our Makati apartment to Antipolo. Although finishing of the house isn’t yet done, we had no choice, for Jeff is leaving for Tarlac on Monday for camp for 2 weeks. And if we move after that, it will be overstaying for our stuff already in the Makati apartment. But come to think of it, not really. Because we have left two closets and other fixtures that’s worth more than a month’s rent. I guess it’s more because we don’t want to have any hassle with the landlady and just to get it over and done with. Besides, per contract, house construction should be done on or before the 14th, so that would be in between the camp event. So just to get things off our backs, I pursued to have the moving done now.

our brand new home

I don’t know if there are many a people who would have such wonderful MIL as I do. Mine has always been behind me and DH in many of our affairs (most in a good way, because I’ve always heard of MIL’s equating to meaning monsters-in-laws.) Well, mine has proven the opposite. I could only say so much in thanksgiving as what a blessing she has been to me. It would be hard to look at myself in the future being half as good as she is when Jed gets to have his own family. Maybe by then I would have mellowed down ( I hope) I share this because again, this is the 4th time we have moved since I married DH more than 5 years ago and she has been there. This is actually the 5th house that we will be living in, and boy! Has she got the expertise to pack!

The last 2 moves we did I was busy with a 3 month old baby and this time around I just got out of the hospital from a D&C procedure. In Sept 2004 while I was pregnant (and didn’t know it yet), we also moved from Antipolo to Makati, she was also there. We have bulky and huge fixtures and it would be an understatement to say that it is not easy to go about all these. We have at least a thousand books in our library, 4 bookshelves, bulky couch, to say the least. It would require an expert to get all of these packed without losing sanity.

This is a surprise, even as I began doodling this entry, I just hoped to get all my thoughts written on this major move in our lives, but then again I find myself really thanking God for the ever faithful MIL. Not perfect, as nobody is, but I have seen her genuinely being all out for her son’s benefit every time. Such devotion.

Going back to moving, this has been mine and DH’s text exchange while he was loading some stuff in the car when he was in Makati that Wednesday night waiting for the movers. (verbatim)

Jeff: Mahal naalala ko wen we moved here napagusapan natn na next lipat natin sa sariling bahay na natn. D k akalain, bait tlga ni God. (Love, I remember that talk we had when we were moving to our last rented place. That our next move is going to be to our very own place)

Me: Yep. Tlgang bait Nya. Dko akalain that we would ever be homeowners. Kala ko dream lang. Galing n0! Klngan tlga balik naten glory sa Knya. We d0n’t deserve any of this. (He indeed is good! I wouldn’t have imagined that we would ever be homeowners. I thought it was just a dream! Imagine! We really need to give the glory back to Him. We don’t deserve this.)

As I went back to that time when we were talking about that when we last moved to the previous Makati apartment. The scene was we were all too worn out moving the stuff up to the 3rd floor. Realizing too late that our couch and most of our bulky stuff cannot go through the narrow stairs. We actually had to tie stuff up and get it to go around the wall! What pain that was! Result: Sighs, damaged appliances and furniture. So, as we look at each other trying to settle things, we agreed that this will really be the last time we will move. I’ve had enough of it! Averaging a move a year in our married years! Whoever can beat that! One might say that it was said in jest, but I would say I knew it in my heart. Like when I knew in my heart that it will be Jeff that I would marry when I was 11 years old, talking to Ate Tess while encouraging me as young as I was to pray for the person God has intended for me to marry. For God to preserve him for me (and did He!), among other things. I always had a thing for him, but he didn’t yet notice me then. This again is another nontrivial trivia.

Bottom line, moving to our very own house wouldn’t have been made possible without dear mother’s unconventional ways of showing her love and concern. She sure has made things easier for us, as we were considering loaning from the usual entities, she made us an offer we cannot resist.

God’s grace has been so evident in our lives. Despite the handful of challenges. He has used people time and again as channels of blessings and this time around He is all the more making us see how big He is and this time making it as tangible as it can be!

Homeowners, Finally!

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