The Female Ward


Yep, that’s right. No picture of me here. I’m taking the pictures. These were taken hours before I got discharged. I have been admitted a number of times in several hospitals and this is actually the first time I have encountered this kind of notice posted in every single room. Maybe because it is a government hospital. I got admitted at Ospital ng Makati. That’s where my obstetrician practices so that’s where I go. As the resident doctor said upon my admission, she was delighted that I live in Antipolo but I opted to go to that hospital. Loyalista daw kami. And that we are. Jeff took very good care of me from the moment I started bleeding back home to all the assistance that I needed in the hospital, all the errands, going back and forth to the billing section and the doc’s clinic. He even managed to donate blood! It’s good that he wasn’t rejected, because he didn’t get much sleep from Thursday night onwards. I started bleeding profusely Thursday midnight.The mid photo shows my sister dozing off waiting for the bill to be paid. Very much against what the poster says. And the other photo is a picture of Jeff. He made a makeshift bench out of 2 other seats he took from unoccupied rooms. He actually was able to sleep. Imagine how uncomfortable!

This man made my hospital stay so light and bright as he still managed to get me to laugh despite my worries on the bill and my being yet bangag after the procedure.The last time I got admitted in this hospital was when I gave birth to Jed and I stayed in a suite, complete with all the works and privacy. This time around, with this circumstance unexpected, the female ward wasn’t all that bad. Except for that silly poster above my head. =) My bantay would always sleep beside me when ever I get hospitalized (that would either be my mama or Jeff)

The Female Ward
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