Thoughts on Little Girls and Priests Controversy

It’s a puzzle how people can get so complicated and react in all various crazy ways when all they’ve got is all the wrong concept and understanding of things. I have had a hard time coming up with a title for this entry but I refuse to linger on getting ahold of what to call it. Maybe later I’d get the title edited of sorts. But for now I just hope to post this and remind myself that for as long as the human specie exists, hang ups and questions will remain. It just makes me all the more thankful that there is a God to go back to when confusions and the craziness of life gets in the way. He has answers to all of life’s questions. They may not always be as tangible and as logical as we might hope they’d be. But life is good, great even when we’re in tune with Him. And the relationship that we personally have with Him will grow depending if we choose to nurture it. Relational christianity is what I call it. All the other what-have-you’s are just plain deceptive substitutes.

Ms.Barbara of Philstar’s Dec 9, 2006 column entry was rather controversial, which she appropriately titled “Little girls and priests.” And today as I read her follow up entry on that piece, given the infamous subject that it was, I was left flabbergasted as I read one crazy catholic’s reaction, I just couldn’t believe my eyes I had to run through that reader’s reaction twice or thrice. Obviously, he/she did not get it. He/She was eaten up by hatred towards religions other than his/her own. I don’t know Ms. Gonzalez (the column writer) and it was actually the first time a piece like that caught my eye and actually read. When I read that last Saturday, I felt for them. No one has to go through that. But true, even as things happen for a reason, these things have made a mark upon their very souls. “Toys” this was the word that started all these talks. It makes me just sigh and be sad for all those wounded men and women. But even as I feel for them, I’m also amazed how people like them can come together and start the healing process.

Here is that reader’s reaction. . .

* * *
Twenty-five years ago I was and still am a Catholic defender. I say to you, stay away from us Catholics. You Ms. Gonzalez, you flipped-mind devil-disguised protestants! Don’t use the STAR to further your lessening your ranks! I say to you once, don’t speak your mind against us, if you do, I ask God that you be cursed and all of your family! I demand a written public apology if you don’t do it, I curse you, if you have family I ask God that they should die of painful sickness or accident!
* * *

That was the unedited response of that person. It was so uncalled for that I immediately texted Ms. Barbara Gonzalez (the writer) a piece of my mind. Here’s our exchange of texts…

Me: Good morning, Ms. Barbara! I can’t help but react to that crazy, angry catholic who responded to your last week’s column entry. It wasn’t about the faith that you were talking about! These things are actually happening right in front of our noses and I salute you for making that stand. It took you years to do this. I’m not a catholic alright but whoever sent you that curse-ridden response sure gave catholic a bad name! It’s a shame not to see through one’s defenses. Should it be that you who experience those things to keep mum and stay invalidated? How stoic and naive can people get? We need more people like you, Ms. Barbara. And the way you responded to that person was with class and I just hope to encourage you to press on. God bless! – jennie aspacio (I really don’t mind you quoting me on this)

Barbara Gonzalez: Thank you very much. May I use your name?

Me: No problem po.

It’s a crazy world, and all of us can get just as vulnerable as that reader is. Now, I have to remind myself that, otherwise I’d cringe for as long as I can and still find no answer. Ultimately, God has to deal with us one way or another. Craziness is one of man’s permanent characteristics. That is until we get to sport those glorified bodies in the heavenlies. For now I have to remind myself to just shake this off, even as I have already said my piece.

Thoughts on Little Girls and Priests Controversy

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