The Measure of a Man (4-Him Lyrics)

I hope to share with you the lyrics of one of my favorite songs. I just love how it redefines how we should be seeing ourselves against the scales the world has for us to measure up. It is one of the songs that is being played back in my homepage.

The Measure of a Man
4-Him Lyrics

This world can analyze and size you up

And throw you on the scales

They can IQ you and run you through

Their rigorous details

They can do their best to rate you

And they’ll place you on their charts

And then back it up with scientific smarts

Bur there’s more to what your worth

Than what their human eyes can see


Oh I say the measure of a man

Is not how tall you stand

How wealthy or intelligent you are

Cause I found out the measure of a man

God knows and understands

For He looks inside to the bottom of your heart

And what’s in the heart defines

The measure of a man

Well you can doubt your worth

And search for who you are and where you stand

But God made you in His image

When He formed you in his hands

And He looks at you with mercy

And He sees you through His love

You’re His child and that will always be enough

For there’s more to what you’re worth

Than you could ever comprehend


You can spend your life pursuing physical perfection

There is so much more, more than ever meets the eye

For God looks through the surface

And He defines your worth by, what is on the inside

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The Measure of a Man (4-Him Lyrics)
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