Chicco Sterilisistem: Baby Things Review

chicco.JPGFor the first 11 months of my ds’ life, my dh and I have endured the splatters of boiling water, the tedious task of waiting, making sure the bottles were done by the ideal time (but have never gotten to-we forget). Either they got over boiled or extremely overboiled. Sorry for the teats and the bottles, their ultimate fate was to get scarred and get busted. Too bad for us for these items aren’t all that cheap. Especially, Pigeon’s, Avent’s and Dr. Brown’s.

My journey to the discovery of this ingenious sterilisistem was when I was cruising through the baby’s section of the department store in Market!Market!, hoping to find a teat and a bottle detergent. I was planning not to boil the stuff anymore given that Jed was about to turn one year old. So I was ready to step up to the next level and let go of sterilizing, but still I had to make sure I was using the right detergent for zero microbes of sorts. But I was in for more than what I was looking for. This was way easier to use and way antimicrobial than I have ever expected.

I just use regular dishwashing detergent then plop the items (yes, even teethers and pacifiers-although I don’t have my kiddo use the latter) and immerse them in the diluted solution for 30 minutes. I actually just forget about it and get them out when I’m free! Then just rinse the items using tap water and they are ready for use! This is so handy and convenient especially for moms who are on the go and have got no extra time in their sleeves to spend for boiling.

One thing I wish though, I wish I got a hold of this from day one. It could have spared me so much time, and all those wasted gas and ouch from the splatters! I hereby give this a F-I-V-E!

Chicco Sterilisistem: Baby Things Review
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