Current Bedside and All-Time Favorite Book, Fascinating Womanhood

I have always loved reading for as long as I can remember. I recall having to go the the school library in my elementary days and borrowing the Nancy Drew books one after the other. Of course, I can’t remember all the stories anymore. But that I guess has developed in me the love for reading. It has always been basically easy for me to finish a book in a designated time given that the assigned book is of my interest.

So these are the books that I’ve been reading these past couple of months. I have not been religiously reading for obvious reasons. My! Do I have plenty of things to do! Even as I do some uploading here via net I’m also doing all the other tons of other things up in my sleeves.

Lately I have noticed that dh don’t look irritated anymore to my going to the bookstores whenever we get the chance to frequent the mall. He has gotten used to it! I just can’t help it!

I am praying to be able to get hold of one book in particular. Sad that I have not encountered it here so far. The title is “The Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman” by Anne Ortlund.

I have an all time favorite book, next to my Bible that I hope to do a review on soon. I have used it countless number of times in counseling and also have given a number of copies away when I was still working in the secular world. And I still recommend this every time to all the women I know. The title of this book is “Fascinating Womanhood,” my mother passed this down to me, which was also introduced to her by Mrs. Linda Bailey. It is such a treasure. I always go back to its principles, and when something goes wrong with my relationship with dh and I know I’m not in tune, I go back to it and right enough, I have backslidden from its teachings. The principles are all Biblical yet they are all practical and you see immediate results upon execution. To say the least I have read this book no less than twenty five times already. Yes, you read that right, 25 times!

I can not emphasize enough the influence of this book in my life. It has helped me to mellow in more ways than one. It has shown me to be all that I am today (the good things huh, there are still some rough edges the Lord is still dealing within me).

I’m not just about to shortchange you guys from the whole drama of what’s inside the book, so I’m giving you this link to check for yourselves and browse through its pages Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin.

I just love books! Good ones, that is. I have chosen to shy away from all the other dozen famous books that have rubbish contents. I just don’t find it wise to pollute my mind with all the unnecessary stuff. This is a personal preference. And I can say that it works for me fine. Meanwhile, I have to go back to my reading.


Current Bedside and All-Time Favorite Book, Fascinating Womanhood

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