Typhoon Glenda and Some Motherhood Musings

I wouldn’t have had an inkling that a barrage of days without classes would come my way. The week that was, really drained me. So this was one welcome break, a much needed one from the endless days of keeping to myself 7days a week (almost!).

typhoonAnother proof that God knows my limits. Wink! Of course my little guy is with me through the days, but I needed someone I can interact with intellectually. Especially now that my hands are full with my toddling ever so active 14 month old. He’s been a little too hard to handle these days. I don’t know what has gotten into me that I was so not myself. Blame my PMS? Nah, I guess my love language being “Quality Time,” I just get so out of me when I don’t get to have this with my DH. Those two days of break, I did embrace with arms wide open, having been able to spend time with Jeff, not to mention the cool and windy days that are just so refreshing. I just love cool weathers that I would choose to migrate to Baguio in a heartbeat.

Not putting aside the many relocation centers packed with people who had no choice but to flee their accustomed homes because of flood caused by Glenda. I pray that the people will be well taken care of by the government. I can’t help but see nature coming back at us, the way we have mismanaged mother earth. Poor children that we have and the generations after. Which gets me back to my own little ways of preservation.

But lately I have been kind of frustrated somehow as Jed’s tushywushies (leakproof cloth diapers) have been there hanging for days because of the weather and I just don’t favor much having to use disposables, aside from economical reasons, I just can’t play blind and ignore those piles of soiled nappies adding up to our nation’s mountains of trash. After having seen the news on Payatas, how “trash slide” was up and coming and residents needed to again, be relocated. So there, I really am one advocate of earth preservation so I do even the littlest I can to contribute. I do this as my conscience dictates and also as a gift to the next generation. And again aside from economical and love of nature reasons, disposables have chemicals that just aren’t tushy friendly. My little guy’s nappy area are just healthier with the tushywushies.

Even as I scribble away the many faces of Glenda, I just find myself going right back to mothering both my little guy and this time also our dear earth, if I may say so, well, one way or the other. I might not be doing much, but I’m doing what I can.


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Typhoon Glenda and Some Motherhood Musings
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