Our Precious Jem

I found out we were pregnant with our princess at 4 weeks,4 days AOG which was Sunday, May 7,2006! It was a surprise alright. Mixed emotions of loving her dearly already but was also anxious about a lot of things and how early the Lord has intended this little girl to come in our lives.

I love you already and you are not even formed yet. Your father and I are waiting for May 23 to finally have our TVS to see your heartbeat. Oh my girl! How I love to hold you in my arms! You are a reward from the Lord and although there are a lot of worries at our end, we know the Lord will not let us want. He will provide for our needs. I love you very much, Jem. Today is your big brother Jed’s first birthday, my prayer is that you both grow to love and take care of each other. =)

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Our Precious Jem

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