Our Newborn!

Jed continues to grow and thrive. He’s over 17 pounds now and have exceeded 100 percentile of his birth weight. And He is just 4 months something. National average says 6 months to double a baby’s birth weight. He actually doubled his weight at 2 months!


This little guy just amazes us in his every well-baby visit especially for his 6in1 vaccination skeds, he’d take every shot so gracefully. He’d yell one time and that’s it after the shot, he’s fine. Never mind if his pedia had to change needles on his third month because he’s so stocky and chunky that if she uses the regular needle for babies, the medicine will not hit his muscle, and that’s where the meds should go. This has been right from the first week from his delivery.


We’re just so proud of him–he’s funny and easygoing, and is making great strides toward becoming mobile (and terrifying his parents). He just loves standing up being supported and prides himself with his balancing acts and taking his first experimental steps albeit backwards. This little guy excites us so much. Thanks for all your prayers and love. God bless! Jeff, Jennie and Jed

Our Newborn!

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