The Anticipation of a Father

Today I spent most of my time at home finishing some stuff needed for Jed’s arrival. I’ve sealed off two out of the three windows of our home with screens to ward off mosquitos. I sure don’t want mosquitos sucking the blood off my baby. 🙂 This is the second time I did some woodwork at home and how I hope that when Jed grows up, I’d be able to transfer some of these skills (I’m not as good as a carpenter, I know others who can do a better job) to Jed. I would love to teach many ‘manly’ things to Jed. I know he’ll be my play buddy when he grows up. For now, I’m excited (and nervous) about Jed’s arrival. I pray that he’d arrive at a perfect time (not when I’m at camp and hopefully not on a Sunday service – not during our 2nd Church anniversary). Well, I’ll be ready anyhow and plan for the possibilities but I’ll keep on praying too. “Lord, please make it a safe delivery both for Jen and Jed and may Jed be a normal, healthy boy when he arrives.”

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The Anticipation of a Father
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