3D Shot


JZ in Mama’s Utero:

Here’s a 3D shot at 28 weeks and 3 days AOG. I gave the docs and my folks a little time before they got to peek at how I look like and who I resemble. The top shot is a view of the lower portion of my face (I was trying to hide but here you can see my left cheek and lips). The second shot was done several minutes after they persistently tried to view my face. I still tried to play hide and seek with the umbilical cord partially covering my nose and and mouth. But here they saw for sure I got my forehead and cheeks from mama. My papa undoubtedly confirmed that I look like mama! (check out the inset pic-when mama was 1 year old). This has been the most exciting day yet for my folks! Wait till I come in another 2 months!

3D Shot
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