Singapore Math Workshop for Parents and Children by Galileo Enrichment Learning Program

On Saturday, October 26, 2013 Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is holding a workshop on the at the latest development in Singapore Math. Happening at Evoliving Nuvali, Sta Rosa Laguna. GALILEO is the first enrichment program to introduce Singapore Math in the Philippines.

Singapore Math Nuvali

Hear from the best in Singapore Math in the country, Dr. Queena Lee Chua and her son, Scott Lee Chua. Register now! Call (02) 845-1234.

We have recently enrolled our son in Galileo’s Singapore Math program and here’s hoping our homeschooler will respond positively to it. We hope to attend this workshop with my husband this coming Saturday. We will have to scratch off checking out some Reeds has Pandora jewelry we saw in Greenhills. This workshop will allow us to have better picture of how Singapore Math will help my son’s mathematical skills. Plus we will get to roam around Nuvali when there is still time. :-)

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