Bonakid Choco Boost Powers Up Kids for a Toy Shopping Adventure

My Jed love is over the moon over this — Bonakid Choco Boost, together with Toy Kingdom, brings the most thrilling promo for kids this summer!  Who wouldn’t want their kids to be allowed to race around the toy store and take home every doll or action figure they fancy? It’s an exciting adventure for every kid so imagine if your child gets to experience this.

Bonakid Choco Boost Promo Print Ad_Final

With Bonakid Choco Boost’s chocolatey goodness, you can power up your kids’ adventures by letting them join the Bonakid Choco Boost Amazing Toy Adventure Promo. By simply purchasing specially marked packs, kids get instant gift certificates and the chance to win an exciting 60-second shopping spree in Toy Kingdom

bona kid choco boost toy kingdom

Bonakid Choco Boost is a powdered milk drink specially formulated to help support the nutritional needs of children 7 years and older. It has boosted levels of Calcium, Iron and Zinc to help support children’s physical and mental development to power up their daily activities into everyday adventures.

The Bonakid Choco Boost Amazing Toy Adventure Promo will run until May 31, 2013. Visit the Bonakid Choco Boost Facebook page for the complete mechanics and updates on the promo.

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