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For the first time, in all the flights I booked online with Cebu Pacific, I made an error in filling out one of the more important details – the passenger name. Ack! And if the same thing happened to you and like me, you found out the mistake after verifying your credit card details, chances are, you felt a lot like I did. It was a silly mistake but I did have my reasons. I was in a hurry to get the flight booked. You see, the first attempt I booked for this flight, Cebu Pacific’s website gave the error prompt and I had to do the process over again. When the blanks were filled in for me on my next attempt, I was careless and did not double check and only made sure I got our travel dates right.

The day the hubby acquired my middle name. My bad!

While I could have panicked and worried that I might have to buy a separate ticket for the hubby again and end up wasting money, I collected myself and called the Cebu Pacific hotline 702-0888. Turned out Cebu Pacific actually has allowance for this particular silly mistake that some of their passengers are bound to make at one time or another.

Pro-forma Affidavit found in

As opposed to a previous, not so pleasant experience with Cebu Pacific from years ago, my call was dealt with by one of their more competent telecommunicators, Chelsea. Her instruction was clear and led me through the website while we were on the phone. I was told to do the following:

1. Go to 2. Scroll down to Name Change Fee – (NC) 3. Click on the pro-forma affidavit (name correction of same person) 4. Have the form printed and filled out (no need to have it notarized) 5. Email with the Booking Reference No. as Subject. Attach with the email the scanned copy of the filled out Pro-forma Affidavit and the scanned government issued ID of the passenger. Indicate within the email the travel dates.

Chelsea said that upon submission of the needed requirements, I can follow up with them after 24 hours. Turned out I did not need to follow up with them since I received a reply and an itinerary receipt with the hubby’s name corrected in less than three hours.

Thank you, Cebu Pacific for the very prompt response!  In other news, we are so thrilled as our next Plantation Bay visit is officially set. As much as we would love to tour around Cebu this time around, our being pressed for time won’t allow us to do that. Aside from Plantation Bay, the only extra stop we’ll do in Cebu is buy us a box full of lechon.  :-)

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  1. Rona Says:

    Glad that you were able to fix everything! Im with you. I get annoyed sometimes when the first submission of details won’t get through and no choice but to fill every information in again. That just wastes a lot of time. Grrr. So this kind of problems occur. Have a blast!


  2. Chubskulit Rose Says:

    Good customer service is what makes clients happy and patronize their service again. Kudos to them.


  3. Ria C Says:

    That’s one hassle I don’t want to experience especially when dealing with travel documents.

    I’m glad you managed to correct it before it’s too late. Airlines will accommodate your NC request but some for a fee.


  4. Mhie@travelentz Says:

    Good to hear you fix it before its too late.


  5. Shengkay Says:

    good for you mommy..
    ..kaya ako if ever I book online I see to it that the name is correctly filled up..I do not want to experience those..but thanks for the tips..


  6. Nova S Says:

    it is necessary to read and review the information we need to fill in to prevent error however, through your entry it is easier to correct the error we made. thanks for sharing


  7. Teresa Martinez Says:

    We really should remind ourselves more that haste can result to waste (of time) and additional work. Fortunately, some companies are now providing us ways to rectify our errors with the least work. Have fun in you trip.


  8. papaleng Says:

    It’s a miracle.. Very accommodating na pala ang mga personnel ng Cebu Pacific. Good to hear that. Ako, kung magkamali pa sa name ko, ang tawag doon bopol si ako..


  9. cj Says:

    Thanks a lot for this. It helped me big time!! :))


  10. Jhong Says:

    Hi Jennie,

    I encountered the same issue this month when I made a booking for my in-laws. Dahil sa pagmamadali, may father-in-law got the middle name of my mother-in-law! Just a question…Did you provide an explanation in your email how you committed the error? I am worried that they will base the approval on the validity of your reason.



    Jennie Reply:

    Hi Jhong! I simply said I made a mistake. Careless one. I think the airline company is gracious enough to give allowance for human error like this. :-)


  11. Olive Says:

    Thanks for this. Does it mean if it’s the same person, there’s no fee to be paid? I accidentally confirmed my maiden name because I just recently renewed my passport and changed it to my married name. Glad to hear about this! I was so scared that I would have to pay a huge amount just to correct this mistake.


  12. ojo Says:

    Hi Jennie,

    Thanks for this. Had a hard time connecting to their hotline.

    Btw, Did cebupac charge you for any fees for the name change?



  13. RUSS Says:

    It’s so difficult to get through their hotlines. I even called their Cebu, Singapore, and HK numbers.


  14. ai Says:

    i know how its feels. thanks for the info. may i know how much is the fee…. pls


  15. Steve Holt Says:

    Wow, so happy I found your helpful comments above. I made a booking last week on Cebu’s website and managed to get my own name wrong – how about that!! Now I’ve read your nicely set out advice I’m confident all will be OK. Many Thanks.
    Steve Holt (London)


  16. Jeannette A. Says:

    Hi Jennie. Thank you so much for it save me a lot of trouble. I booked ticket of my niece and I misspelled the name. I’ve communicated with Cebu Pacific Air following all the instructions and documents needed. Within 8 hours, I received a new itinerary receipt/ticket with no additional cost. Mabuhay ang Cebu Pacific!


  17. Mindy Says:

    Thank God! This site is helpful. I also made an error upon booking.


  18. Monica Tan Says:

    This happend to me yesterday and your blog helped me! Thank you for this. Also may I ask if did they require you your husband’s middle name? Because in my case there was 3 of us that was needed the names to be correct. My 2 friends’ first names was wrong and mine’s middle name was not in the receipt. I submitted the needed requirements and just like what you said they replied to me immediately. After they checked it they sent me new itinerary receipt and upon checking they only changed the 2 names with their first names correction. The one with the middle name they didn’t included the middle name.


  19. Alexander Says:

    Thank you very much for your post, i hope this works for me too.


    liberty bautista Reply:

    how about when you they book a ticket for you and it happened that they enter your single name and follow the steps in chaning name and they still require you to email a marriage certificate.will they approve my request?


  20. ken Says:


    just a quick ask.. coz right now Im having the same problem with the name of my friend. “2. The booking should be in the name of _______________.” I booked the flight.. should I write my name there or my friend’s name who has the problem with the name change??


  21. Sittie Ellah Calitas Says:

    Hi im sittie ellah calitas, my friend book my ticket yesterday june9.but when I check she registered sittie ellah basilio . instead of calitas.what im gonna do for this?I need ur help pls.tnx!


  22. Ed Says:

    Would there be a fee if i want to correct my Name, in my Itinerary receipt, my surname showed only the !st letter and i want to request it to be corrected to avoid difficulties during Check in time.


  23. dave Says:

    Hindi na po kailangang notarized, nag kamali po kasi yung name eh Dapat NOEMI ang na input po ay Noime. Salamat po nabasa ko yung blog nyo po :D


  24. dave Says:

    Hindi na po kailangang notarized?


  25. issa bercs Says:

    Thank u po sa steps n binigay nyo. Di n ko tumawag pa sa customer service ng cebu pacific. I just followed the above instruction para macorrect yung surname ko. Nagsubmit ng requirements thru email at 10:38 pm then nareceive ko yung corrected itinerary ko at 10:49 pm. Ang galing!!! Ang bilis! Salamat po at sa cebu pacific.. wala po bayad.


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