Steps for Name Correction of @CebuPacificAir Itinerary Receipt

For the first time, in all the flights I booked online with Cebu Pacific, I made an error in filling out one of the more important details – the passenger name. Ack! And if the same thing happened to you and like me, you found out the mistake after verifying your credit card details, chances are, you felt a lot like I did. It was a silly mistake but I did have my reasons. I was in a hurry to get the flight booked. You see, the first attempt I booked for this flight, Cebu Pacific’s website gave the error prompt and I had to do the process over again. When the blanks were filled in for me on my next attempt, I was careless and did not double check and only made sure I got our travel dates right.

The day the hubby acquired my middle name. My bad!

While I could have panicked and worried that I might have to buy a separate ticket for the hubby again and end up wasting money, I collected myself and called the Cebu Pacific hotline 702-0888. Turned out Cebu Pacific actually has allowance for this particular silly mistake that some of their passengers are bound to make at one time or another.

Pro-forma Affidavit found in

As opposed to a previous, not so pleasant experience with Cebu Pacific from years ago, my call was dealt with by one of their more competent telecommunicators, Chelsea. Her instruction was clear and led me through the website while we were on the phone. I was told to do the following:

1. Go to 2. Scroll down to Name Change Fee – (NC) 3. Click on the pro-forma affidavit (name correction of same person) 4. Have the form printed and filled out (no need to have it notarized) 5. Email with the Booking Reference No. as Subject. Attach with the email the scanned copy of the filled out Pro-forma Affidavit and the scanned government issued ID of the passenger. Indicate within the email the travel dates.

Chelsea said that upon submission of the needed requirements, I can follow up with them after 24 hours. Turned out I did not need to follow up with them since I received a reply and an itinerary receipt with the hubby’s name corrected in less than three hours.

Thank you, Cebu Pacific for the very prompt response!  In other news, we are so thrilled as our next Plantation Bay visit is officially set. As much as we would love to tour around Cebu this time around, our being pressed for time won’t allow us to do that. Aside from Plantation Bay, the only extra stop we’ll do in Cebu is buy us a box full of lechon.  🙂

Steps for Name Correction of @CebuPacificAir Itinerary Receipt

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  • August 1, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    Hi! Need help. Since i cannot call the hotline,might as well ask here. What if there was a missing letter in the name. Like lacking “n”. My 6 mo. son is Siegmunnd,and my aunt input Siegmund which contain one “N” only. What do I do?


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