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As with our previous travels, we booked with Thien Xuan Hotel, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam via When I received an email that I have 2 hotels to review we recently stayed in, I thought I might as well publish a blog post while I’m at it. :-)

Between the two hotels we stayed in Vietnam, Thien Xuan is the place we were more impressed with. While Ha Hien might have a boutique view from the outside and is considerably new, their customer service was just not at par with Thien Xuan’s.

Ben Thanh Night Market

Aside from being just a block away from Ben Thanh Market, Thien Xuan is so close to a whole lot of places in Ho Chi Minh City  that tourists can visit. It is also only around 20 minutes away from Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Nearby Attractions:

  1. Ben Thanh Market
  2. Notre Dame Cathedral
  3. Post Office
  4. Reunification Palace
  5. Opera House
  6. War Remnants Museum

Thien Xuan Standard Room

We were originally booked from March 27 to March 29, 2012. But since we arrived in the wee hours of the morning of March 27, we need to pay for another night for two rooms. Standard room was $42/night. Rooms are considerably spacious.

I especially love that floors are tiled and are not carpeted. It is way more sanitary that way. Carpets attract odors no  matter how often they get cleaned. There’s a safe provided in the closet, Samsung LCD television, dresser, refrigerator, blow dryer and daily ration of hot water.

Thien Xuan Hotel’s Standard room bathroom is spacious as well. I don’t mind if the bidet is placed on the left side of the toilet, it was fine as long as there was one. That’s actually one of the things I don’t fancy about “western” hotels. Bidets, are for the most part, unheard of.  Hot and cold water are also provided in the toilet and is not such a challenge to use. Unlike Ha Hien’s.

Yes, I just had to take a photo of the ceiling. The intricate carvings and design were lovely to look at. The rooms also have vents, which I think, made the room clean smelling. It was convenient that the two rooms that we booked were just across each other.  It was not the same when we went to Cambodia on March 29 and stayed there until April 1. Our rooms were two floors away from each other.

Thien Xuan Hotel Restaurant on the 10th Floor

Thien Xuan Hotel’s Restaurant is located on its topmost floor, 10th. We appreciated our buffet breakfast every morning. Left us stuffed until after mid day every time. Children are free of charge. We were told that if it was charged, a person has to pay VND 100,000 (approx. $5), which is still cheap for a buffet.  I’m sure I took a picture of the other buffet table but I cannot find it for now.

We were very pleased with Thien Xuan Hotel’s customer service aside from all the amenities that we’ve got for the two Standard rooms that we have booked for three days.  Very affordable and we definitely got more value for our money. The staff were also very helpful when they booked our Mekong Delta tour and our bus ride to Cambodia.  We were originally headed for Siem Reap but since we were not able to book earlier, there was no more available seats for us when we tried to book. But they found us a bus company (Kumho) that will take us to Phnom Penh, Cambodia instead on March 29.

Thien Xuan Hotel Level 10 Restaurant Alfresco

Vietnamese for the most part, speak very little English, so we did get to practice a whole lot of sign language. But it was a relief that the front desk staff of Thien Xuan Hotel speak English that is considerably understandable.

It was a mistake to stay at another hotel (just for the fun of it and just be able to try another hotel) when we  came back to HCMC, Vietnam from Phnom Penh, Cambodia on April 1. It would have saved us the trouble (and a few headaches) if we stayed in Thien Xuan Hotel instead. We loved our stay at Thien Xuan Hotel and we highly recommend it to everyone who is planning to go visit HCMC, Vietnam. :-)

Thien Xuan Hotel
108-110 Le Thanh Ton street, Ben Thanh ward, district 01, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

6 Comments to “Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: Thien Xuan Hotel”

  1. Fred Says:

    Thanks for this recommendation! Planning to travel there with the family in near future. Was your wee hours of the morning arrival a Cebu Pacific flight?


    Jennie Reply:

    Yes, Fred. It actually was a CebuPac flight. You won’t regret staying in Thien Xuan. :)


  2. Franc Ramon Says:

    I’ve been to Ho Chi Mihn to and remembered the market experience. There were really a lot of shirts to choose from. The hotel looks great.


  3. Mai Flores Says:

    Glad that you enjoyed your stay in Thien Xuan. We’re actually going to HCMC this November. But we’ve already booked at Nguyen Khang Hotel (only $20/day). We’ve been hearing good reviews of the hotel, so we opted to book there as well. Anyway, was your plane Cebu Pacific? I actually have the same predicament since we’ll be arriving in HCMC at 12 in the morning. :(


    Jennie Reply:

    Where is HCMC is Ngyuen Khang Hotel? The deals sounds good. Did you book directly with them? I might experiment with another hotel on our next visit.

    Yes, we used CebuPac. You’re going to have to add another day to your stay because of your arrival time. It’s what we did anyway.


  4. Swexie Says:

    The only way to know that you’re booked in a better hotel is to personally experience what a bad hotel is, so your stay in another hotel is never a mistake. =)

    I like the room in this hotel, it’s got a homey ambiance. I’ll keep this hotel in mind when I’m touring Ho Chi Mihn.

    Your little kid is very artistahin! =)


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