Win a Trip to Singapore with Enfa Kid A+ and National Geographic Little Kids

I posted this photo on Instagram first thing today with the teaser: “Will post about this campaign via soon on how your child can get a chance to be featured in a future issue of National Geographic Little Kids magazine.” Here it is.

Especially so that we have an unico hijo, I can very well relate to parents who take pride on their children’s milestones.  I should know. It was the very thing that drove me to blog back in 2004. Just recently, my son showed me this artwork that I never would have thought he was capable of doing. Not with his usual careless way of drawing and coloring, anyway.  I will publish a separate post on that soon. :-)

Meanwhile, Enfa Kid + and National Geographic Little Kids have collaborated this contest entitled “See What They Learn” where parents can upload their children’s drawing inspired by something new they learned in the classroom, at home, or even from outdoor playtime.

At stake is a chance to win a family trip to the Singapore Art Science Museum through the Enfakid A+ See What They Learn promotion. A partnership with National Geographic Little Kids, the contest calls on moms and dads of 3-7 year-olds to submit their illustrations of anything fascinating they learned from the January-February issue of National Geographic Little Kids (included with Smart Parenting magazine), or from the website

The entries should be submitted on where they will be displayed for public voting on the site until March 30, 2012. After the votes are in, the top 10 entries from participants 3-4 years old, and from participants 5-7 years old, will be shorlisted. A panel of judges will then select the two (2) Grand Prize Winners from the top 10 of each age category.

Each winner will receive a trip for four (4) to the Singapore ArtScience Museum, inclusive of airfare, accommodations, museum entrance fees, and pocket money. The winners will also be featured in a future issue of National Geographic Little Kids.

4 thoughts on “Win a Trip to Singapore with Enfa Kid A+ and National Geographic Little Kids

  1. nelibeth fernandez

    i’m so thankful to have u in my life BRYLLE EDSIL mama and papa so proud of you GOD gave you a talent to draw , hope and pray you will win in this contest that’s what you wish..Thank you Enfakid A+ for this contest.


  2. bryan untalasco

    like what your mama said son,we will here always for you to teach you,to support you,to love you and we are always here to guiding u,to teach u specially your mama because she’s the one with you right now,but it doesn’t mean that im not their i didnt love you both,of course i really love you both so much and i miss u both so badly,papa so happy here in canada because you are so talented child i saw your artwork and other pictures upload by your mama im so proud to you son…papa cried but its a tears of joy son..soon we will be together take care and always respect love love your mama..


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