posted by Jennie on Feb 9

Jed is watching Madagascar 2 from the hubby’s mobile while munching on his favorite cream cheese sandwich for merienda  as he waited for us to leave church.

Admittedly, a mobile cartoon movie can be very handy for parents who have toddlers. But as much as I allow this, I still  limit his watching time whether from mobile or the television. :D

8 Comments to “WS: My Multi-Tasking Little Boy”

  1. Topaz Horizon Says:

    What a cutie. So well behaved. I like cream cheese sandwiches, too! Naku, Jen, there’s this absolutely divine red velvet cake smothered in cream cheese frosting that you must try! Dalhan kita minsan…

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  2. earthlingorgeous Says:

    I think kids these days are very tech savvy! My daughter is very good at cellphones and computer! Jed is so cute!

    Btw, I have an award for you here

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  3. Mauie Says:

    Ikaw talaga, mahilig mang-inggit! Cream cheese sandwich, I like! If only… hay!

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  4. sassy mom Says:

    Hahaha! Multi-tasking at a young age… He looks so cute. Buti yan habang maaga matuto. Have a great week ahead!

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  5. Stev&Emz Says:

    at least he is behaving. hehehe.. best way to settle them down. =)


  6. Polly Says:

    Hi Jen, I got your message and I’m really sorry that someone chose to steal precious photographs from you. I was really in my post referring to pictures of general interest and views on peoples blogs. Mainly because many are spoilt and completely obliterated by massive writing, trademarks and names and to be honest under these circumstances I cannot see the point of displaying them in the first place. If someone uses pictures to make a living then they also must see that not to include any pictures at all without trademarks etc means that the rest of us and possible customers can’t really see how proficient they are. There is after all nothing to judge.

    On another subject – your little boy is adorable – it is always good to see a child with a healthy appetite not just in what they eat but in all they do. :)

    My best wishes to you and your family, Polly.

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  7. jona Says:

    multi-tasking….kanino kaya nagmana, sa momy o sa dady? hehe :D
    btw, new look for your blog huh! i thinks it’s better :)

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  8. KiwiPulse Says:

    Me at his age, I couldn’t do anything else whne I played super mario bro on Nintendo. Yeah kid these day want to do more thing faster.. faster.


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