posted by Jeff on Mar 17

My wife, Jennie, has been in the hospital since Friday. This was a decision made because of her fever that wouldn’t go away for days. Giving her paracetamol couldn’t stop the fever so it was hard to manage. So we decided, with the doctor’s advice to get her to the hospital. I hope that today would be our last day here at Medical City. I’ll update readers out there later on about her condition. So for the entrecard droppers, my wife asked me to write this post to apologize for not being able to drop back for now. We thank you for understanding.

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  1. HotMomma Says:

    Hope she gets better soon…

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  2. twerlyn Says:

    hi sis! i hope ur getting well now. im praying without ceasing for ur recovery.

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  3. Layne (aka Reward Rebel) Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Wondered if things had taken a turn for the worse, so sorry to hear my fears confirmed. Please convey to Jen my best wishes for her speedy recovery – she’s in the best place to effectively deal with her illness. It’s a blessing you have the in-laws to help care for junior.

    Positive energy is beaming Jen’s way, and yours, direct from London;-D

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  4. Moja Says:

    Sorry to hear that but I pray that God will renew her strength. I hope Jennie will get better soon. God bless!

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