The Diagnosis of a Blighted Ovum

After having been diagnosed with a blighted ovum a few weeks after finding out we were pregnant, I learned a lot about it and here are some of them:

A blighted ovum ( also called an “anembryonic pregnancy”) is a fertilized egg which implants in the uterus, and begins to develop a gestational sac. The fertilized egg, however, fails to form beyond the sixth week and is absorbed back into the uterus. The placenta continues to grow, and the body is usually slow to catch on that the pregnancy is gone.

blighted ovum

There may be no bleeding to signal a problem; later, the woman may notice a brown discharge. Sometimes a woman will have a loss without ever knowing she was pregnant. Others will discover the pregnancy and all will appear well throughout much if not all of the first trimester. She may not realize she has a blighted ovum until her healthcare provider fails to detect a heartbeat or an ultrasound reveals an empty gestational sac. Since the placental tissue generates the making of pregnancy hormones, many women with a blighted ovum “feel pregnant” but are destined to lose the pregnancy. In past decades, many women miscarried blighted ovum pregnancies without knowing what had happened. Today, however, technology has improved to the point that an ultrasound can examine exactly what is going on inside the womb. Due to this technology, the diagnosis of a Blighted Ovum is becoming more common.

In most likelihood the reason is random chromosomal accident (further research suggests a 4 in 5 chance that the cause is chromosomal in this situation). In some cases, the egg or the sperm may be of poor quality. The age of the parents may contribute to this factor although this diagnosis happens to all ages. Occasionally the cause may be something other than chromosomal, such as low hormone levels. This is rare but in these cases a treatable condition might be the cause. For example, a low hormone level may have caused early termination of the pregnancy. In these cases, hormone pills such as progesterone may work. If repeated blighted ovums occur, artificial fertilization may be an answer. Genetic testing in the case of multiple losses may be advised to rule out genetic problems.

The most common (and hurtful) misconception is that there never was a baby. There was an embryo. There is no way to know how much of the baby formed and when the baby was absorbed. Someone actually suggested to me that my body was confused and that my little one only existed in my mind. Obviously there was something wrong with him or her and that is the reason she stopped forming. To suggest that he or she never existed at all, even for a moment, in my opinion devalues the little life that could have been. It also devalues all of the pain that we feel when we find out that the baby is gone. Just because the little angel is gone by the time the loss is discovered doesn’t mean that he or she never was. The body has reacted to the existance of that little one–however brief his or her presence was.

When should the baby be able to be seen by ultrasound, or when should the lack of seeing a baby via transvaginal ultrasound be evidence of a blighted ovum? By the 8th to the 9th week, assuming the pregnancy is dated correctly, the baby/heartbeat should be able to be detected via ultrasound. The gestational sac can be visualized as early as four and a half weeks of gestation and the yolk sac at about five weeks. The embryo can be observed and measured as early as five and a half weeks, via transvaginal ultrasound with a full bladder. Ultrasound can also very importantly confirm the site of the pregnancy is within the cavity of the uterus.

Hormone levels may be monitored in order to check on the pregnancy. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), is produced during pregnancy, made by cells that form the placenta. They can first be detected by a normal blood test about 11 days after conception and at about 12 – 14 days by a urine test. In general they will double every 72 hours. The levels will reach their peak in the 8 – 11 weeks of pregnancy (the third month) and then will decline and level off for the remainder of the pregnancy. A decline early on might aid in confirming a pregancy loss, such as a blighted ovum.

During my research I read that “most” women in this situation expel (miscarry) the egg without any difficulty right away. It is my personal belief this is not necessarily true, as I have read a large number of posting within discussion boards where a large number of woman have told their story of how they failed to miscarry in the case of a blighted ovum. There are also many others, like me, who began to miscarry toward the end of the first trimester. A D and C might be needed to cleanse the body of the products of pregnancy.

There are many conflicting discussions about the choice of waiting to miscarry, allowing a natural miscarriage, and having a D&C done. I have two RNs in my family, and both disagree as to which is the best way to go. I chose to have a D&C, despite having a natural miscarriage. Once the Doctor told me that they could do another U/s and try to tell if there is still tissue left. She inspected the tissue I had gathered, stated it was not much, and told me that even if an U/s is done, it is still a Doctors best guess as to whether or not there is tissue left so I opted for the D&C with an official diagnosis of “incomplete miscarriage”. I am glad I chose this root, as it was both mentally and physically therapeutic–giving me the closure I needed in this situation. It is a personal choice, however, as there are risks with D&C. I was told by my Doctor that in 3% of all operations the uterus lining is perforated by the scalpel and the uterus may then grow together–leaving no cavity in which the baby can grow. The bowels also sit directly above the uterus. It is important to remember, however, that the odds of this happening are very low.

One’s mind naturally moves to a point where a woman wonders, “will this happen again?” It has also been reported that a blighted ovum does not increase the risk of future miscarriage. The standard statistics vary, but my research indicates a 80-85% chance that the next pregancy should carry to term. This seems to conflict with the varying stats for miscarriage, which are usually somewhere around 50% of all pregnant women miscarry. One must take into account, however, that many of those who miscarry do not even know they were pregnant–as a miscarriage takes place around the time the individual would usually menstruate. The 80-85% statistical number would then work when used on diagnoses pregnancies–pregnancies lasting long enough to test positive for the pregnancy hormones.

I was told that my life was forever changed by this occurance–and it is true. No one should have to experience the kind of pain that goes with such a loss. One moment there is a world of opportunities, with plans and hopes and dreams. Suddenly, they are all gone. It feels so unfair.

This posting was found by a friend on a medical forum, regarding this diagnosis:

A loss was most likely a chromosomal error if…

The fetus failed very early. For example, blighted ovums are pregnancy failures in which the fetus never develops. These occur before six-and-a-half weeks and about 90 percent of them are chromosomal errors.

A long time goes by between the failure of the fetus and the failure of the pregnancy. For example, let’s say you had a blighted ovum but your pregnancy was perceived to be clinically normal at twelve weeks. (The placenta can continue to grow and support itself without a baby for up to two months and, therefore, pregnancy hormone levels will continue to rise.) The fact that a placenta was chugging along without a baby on board speaks for adequacy of the uterine environment and adequacy of placental growth and development.

However, if a heartbeat was documented for your baby at seven weeks and you lose your pregnancy at seven weeks and two days, that starts making it less likely that it’s a random wrong chromosome number accident. The shorter the death to loss interval, the more likely it is that other factors contributed to the pregnancy loss.

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37 thoughts on “The Diagnosis of a Blighted Ovum

  1. Traci

    Thank you so much for the information and encouraging words. I recently had a D and C after finding out I had a blighted ovum at my 8 week ultrasound. We are wanting to try to have another baby but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to carry to term. Your information has been very helpful.


  2. Colleen

    It has been one week since diagnosed with a blighted ovum. heres my question cause im kinda angry at how ive been treated. i had an ultrasound to find out how far along i am because im very irregular. the tech said i was 7 weeks. then came the ovum diagnosis. devastating. however when i started researching the topic other women were saying how they were given a secong ultrasound a week or few days later to double check. plus their hcg levels were tested. i had none of that. just an appt 2 days later to discuss my options. i am waiting for it to occur naturally. one due to beliefs and two because i honestly believe im still pregnant. i have another ultrasound the 19th. like i said its been a week and every day that goes by is one more day that gives me hope that i was misdiagnosed. should i request that my levels of hcg be tested? i kinda feel like i was thrown to the side as hopeless . i am sure you can understand what i mean.
    any advice would be greatful. thanks you so much.

    waiting and hoping for the little angel………..


    Nicole Reply:

    Hello Colleen
    Thanx for sharing your story also…
    How did it go for you?? The same thing is going on with me right now and i am so anxious as u were and i really need someone to relate to…
    the difference with me is that the doctors havent diagnosed me with a blightned ovum yet, but they suspect it might be the cause although i feel i am still pregnant too…. i just feel it was too early in my pregnancy to see the baby..
    They did an ultrasound and saw my uterus and the sac but saw no baby yet. I am getting checked again on Tuesday….Hopefully it all goes well for my little angel too….Im not loosing hope….
    please write back and let me know how it went for you..Thanks so much..


  3. colleen

    sorry for the late response. i suffered a miscarriage on April 15th. I was rushed to our local women and babies hospital and given an emergency d and c. i was bleeding that badly. altho my body has somewhat healed from the trauma of the whole thing my heart is shattered cause i now will be burying my little one on May 11th. I am praying for you that you do not suffer as i have. i hope your Angel shows up on next ultrasound. Please keep in touch!
    Sending you an air hug cause hugs are needed most in this time. :)


  4. Caitlin

    Very interesting article. I just had a M/C at about 8 weeks. At 7 weeks, on a Monday, I had an ultrasound. The doctor was able to see the sac, but no embryo. She said I could be not as far along as I thought. (Also, I recalled that I did lose some dark red tissue at about 6 weeks). We did blood tests on Monday and Wednesday for hcg levels, and scheduled another appt for another ultrasound the following Tuesday. My hcg level only went up by 1000, which is not even near the doubling it should have been. In the meantime, I started to bleed on Friday, and most of the tissue, sac, etc. came out on Monday. It was surprisingly not physically painful, just very uncomfortable. I went to my prescheduled appt on Tuesday, and had the ultrasound. There was very little tissue left, so I chose to continue the process naturally. I am 38 and this was my first pregnancy.


    Holly Reply:

    How long did the process take for you? I have been miscarrying for 2 weeks and 1 day now. Two of those days I had “alot” of tissue pass and hemoraging. I also decided to go the natural route with the miscarriage, however, after 2 weeks of this I am wondering if it will end…now I am currently experiencing dark blood, that has a bad smell and what looks like small blood clots…did this happen with you??? Thanks


    Caitlin Reply:

    I still passed clots and had spotting for a couple of weeks on and off after the MC started. Just when I thought it was over, more clots came out. So, I made sure to wear pantyliners everyday. A pantyliner was usually enough. You should check with your doctor if you’re worried about it. There was a lot of dark blood/clots; though I don’t recall a bad smell. Also, I just had my first period a few days ago after the MC and it was very heavy, which my dr told me was normal. The first three days were super heavy. The mornings of days 1 and 2 I was changing my pad less than every 2 hours; though it slowed down in the afternoon and night. My dr said that was okay as long as it is not less than every 1/2 hour. Will start trying to get pregnant again starting this weekend. I hope everything works out for you.


  5. Caitlin

    My reply did not seem to go through …
    The tissue and hemorraging lasted a couple of weeks. After there were small blood clots every so often (Call your dr if you’re worried, and at least get advice). Then a couple of weeks later I had my period, which was very heavy for the first three days. On the first and second days, I was changing my pad every couple of hours. My dr said that was fine as long as it was not every 30 minutes. The period itself lasted a total of 5 days, which is normal for me. Also, the time between the first day of the MC and first day of my period was normal for me (26 days). We tried again, but it’s too early to tell if I am pregnant…


  6. christina

    I found out i had a blighted ovum at about 9 wks. I am currently 10 weeks.I want to miscarry naturally. Waiting is scarry,I am worried that I might have a heavy gush of tissue and blood. I go for my second ultrasound tommorrow. I may opt to have a D&C. A part of me still feels that my conception day is wrong some how, I will see tomorrow.


    Jennie Reply:

    The wait of miscarrying naturally is long. You can’t just stay guessing if you will spontaneously do it or not. And it really isn’t healthy to wait for several weeks. I was told to wait until a maximum of 12 weeks and if I do not miscarry despite the pill that I was given, then d&c it is. Praying things will be all right for you soon.

    Just so you ladies know, after my blighted ovum experience in 2006, I miscarried again (not blighted ovum) in 2007 and haven’t been pregnant since. I am now 34 and we’re praying for another child.


  7. A tearful father of a miscarried child

    I’d say that I won’t be fully able to feel what would my wife feel after her miscarriage due to blighted ovum.

    When I heard of the news, I was totally devastated but upon knowing the 1st time what blighted ovum is, it gave me a false sense of closure that there’s no need for despair since there wasn’t any baby to begin with.

    But somehow, a part of me felt otherwise.

    And after reading this article, I fully realized that I have lost my baby.

    It brings me back to tears.

    But I guess I have to move on. I have to get my closure. And I don’t have to deprive myself of such.

    In some sense, I’m still lucky since I’ve been blessed with a beautiful daughter. As I quote this article however: “One moment there is a world of opportunities, with plans and hopes and dreams. Suddenly, they are all gone. It feels so unfair.”

    My child has just lost her sibling.


  8. Jaynelle

    I was told I most likely have a blighted ovum last Friday. I was 6 weeks and 30,000 HCG but no fetal pole or heartbeat. All weekend I felt sick and have sore breasts, had some mild cramping, a tiny bit of blood on Saturday and a light brown discharge. I went back and had a pelvic exam and was told my cervix was closed and wasnt bleeding at all. Today I had my blood drawn to see if my levels were climbing at all but no results yet. I took a home test to see if it was still strong enough to show up and it was. I am just so frustrated. I want to know what is going on inside me but so far I am not sure. Is there still a chance?


    Melisa Reply:

    I Am going on eight weeks I had a vaginal u/s done at five weeks five days the doctor told me the sac looked normal and was just what she needed to see but there was no heartbeat or fetal pole she dd not do blood work and stated to come back in a week the fetal pole should be there then I started spitting a brownish discharge with a pale pink which I call blood my doctor wanted me to come on in and have another ultra sound done which was 6wks 6 days according to the u/s there again no fetal pole or heartbeat the sac had grown the size it should have and there was no blood around the sac which was god said my doc I still have some brownish discharge occasionally but I go back to doctor Monday should I be concerned that I may have a blotted ovum this is making me impatient and worried I don’t feel pregnant just gaining weight and hungry



    In May of 2010 I was pregnant with my first child. I was so happy to have finally gotten pregnant after trying for years. I have epilepsy and am high risk of carrying and for birth defects so I was contently at the doctors being monitored. After 5 weeks and four days the baby stopped growing and attached to a pol-lip instead of the placenta and I was scheduled for a DNC the following week after the doctor had one last confirming sonogram. We lost that baby in June 2010. We again tried to get pregnant after three months and succeeded. In November of 2010 we were already 4 weeks along. After our second doctors appointment it looked as if the same thing was happening again, the baby was no longer growing the doctor said we were miscarrying Thank goodness I demanded a ultrasound before making a decision and the radiologist found a heartbeat and I was 6 weeks and four days. We were so confused to say the least, but happy. I was still very nervous about what could happen and asked to continue with HCG levels and was told by my doctor that it was not needed due to the levels already being so high at seven weeks and eight weeks. I then asked for an ultrasound due to just not feeling myself and was again denied that right, until our next appointment in a week. So I waited thinking and trusting the doctor and went in at 11 weeks and four days to find that I sometime in between week eight and eleven had missed miscarried. I had no symptoms or signs except for my intuition telling me something was not right. So now I am waiting to get another second opinion. I know that they are probably right but they were wrong once before and I just want to be safe. I am angry, scared that I am doing something wrong or can’t carry to full term, lonely, sad, frustrated, hurting and frightened to try again. Please god help me through this difficult and trial time. So now I am taking the cyotec pill on friday january 21st. I took the pills at 12:30pm and by 2:30pm I was having cramps that were on a pain scale from 1-10 I was at a 6. I was taking vicoden 500mg every four hours and had starting taking them at 11:00am. I tried every position to get comfortable and try and rest but the pain was keeping me awake. At 5:30pm the pain had gotten to a 8/9 and I made an emergency phone call to the on call doctor. Dr. Haddox was on call and told me I had two options. One start taking 800mg ibruprophen and 1000mg vicoden every four hours or go to ER room and try to be admitted and wait for Dr. Desai to see me in the morning. I tried taking more medicine and by 7:00 started feeling some relief. I had decided to get into a hot bath to soothe the cramping some and within 30 mins the tub was brown from the blood I was loosing. I started passing lots of tissue, sac, and placenta in the bathtub. Within 30 more minutes the tub was red and I felt lightheaded. I got into the shower to rinse off as I continued to bleed very bad and as stepping out I fainted. My husband helped to the bed and made me drink a full 8oz glass of sugar water, an apple, and chocolate to help. I started feeling better after 20 mins. After lying down I continued to bleed filling a pad every 30-45 mins. I would go to the bathroom to pee and a very large clump of tissue would drop into the toilet along with lots of blood. I knew this was all part of passing the pregnancy after birth so I stayed calm with the help of my husband and finally at around 1:30am the bleeding had gone done but not stopped. I was only cramping a little now and finally was able to sleep. By Tuesday january 25th I realized that i had a UTI and needed to call doctor to get something for it. I started taking bactrum ds twice a day to stop the bacterial infection. I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Desai on Wed Jan 26th and got more bad news. I needed a D&C due not passing everything with the pill. They scheduled the D&C for Friday january 28th at 5:30am at Ormond Beach Hospital. I went there that morning with high hopes that this nightmare would be over today, but I was wrong once again. During the procedure their were complications and I had lost a lot of blood and was bleeding out so Dr. Desai had to do another procedure to stop the bleeding. After waking up in recovery I had no idea what had happened until my mother told me that the nurse had come out and spoke with her. I was given a prescription for 3 days to take to help shrink my uterus shrink back to size which would cause major cramping, nauseu, and vomiting possibly. I am home now and have taken 3 of the pills and feel very sick to my stomach and have thrown up a very small amount twice and vomited into my mouth at least four times. I am having constipation and nasty taste in my mouth.Today is Saturday january 29th and I am still having these same problems. Not until the end of all my visits and surgeries did my doctors FINALLY tell me it was a blighted ovum which they had known along and NEVER INFORMED ME OR LISTENED TO MY QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS FOR WATCHING ME CLOSLEY AND TAKING MORE LEVELS AND SONOGRAMS!!! I HOPE NO ONE EVER HAS TO EXPERIENCE A MISCARRIAGE OR THE DOCTORS CARE OR SHOULD I SAY NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS ENOUGH TO TELL THEM WHAT IS GOING ON AND INFORM PATIENTS OF UNDERSTANDING THE DIAGNOSIS UP FRONT VS AT THE END OF WHATEVER YOUR CASE MIGHT BE. GOOD LUCK TO ALL IN FUTURE PREGNANCIES AND I HOPE MY EXPERIENCE WILL HELP ENLIGHTEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE TO AVOID THIS HEARTACHE. GOD BLESS!!


    Michelle Reply:

    I was 8w5d and I went and had my ultrasound yesterday to see a sac with no baby.
    My heart is broken. My doctor didn’t say much.I had blood taken and it will be taken
    Again on Wednesday to check my hcg levels. I don’t know what’s going on, this is my 6th baby and the first time its happened…I feel like I’m in purgatory. I have to wait till Friday for an answer…..I can’t help but to scream out why me why now?


  10. joy

    Thank you for this. I am experiencing my second blighted ovum diagnosis…last night as a matter of fact I found out in the ER. I always believed there was no baby that ever existed. To learn this is heartbreaking but enlightening as I’ve been misinformed several times by doctors about this situation. I’m waiting for it to pass and this is agony. I can’t bring myself to have a D&C but have come to grips with the fact that I just may have to if nothing happens soon.


  11. HoldingOn

    Last year (SAME TIME!!) I was pregnant. My first ultrasouns was at 6weeks and there was a heartbeat my partner and i couldnt stopped smiling. I then had a miscarriage. I was 11weeks and 3 days and i started bleeding, went to the hopsital and my little angel had stopped growing at 7 weeks. I was heartbroken but went off and had a D & C. The nurse was amazing, kept reminding me that is was not my fault and it never will be.

    I am/was pregnant again now. I went and had my first ultrasound today after a postive pregnancy test at the start of this month just to find out there is not baby in there. I hate being told it was probably just a phantom pregnancy when I just knew something was in there to start with. I believe it is just a blighted ovum or hanging on to the hope that the little one is hiding somewhere and will come out in an ultrasound in a few weeks. I am sick every morning, i haven’t experienced any pain or bleeding but yet somehow there is nothing in there. The past two years have been torture due to other life happenings i just thought this was our break, not yet. I wonder when our turn will come.


  12. Jennie Post author

    Thank you for sharing all your experiences, ladies. Even as my blighted ovum pregnancy was in 2006, it still cannot be less real to me. Five years after, I still haven’t conceived successfully. I miscarried again the year after I had blighted ovum and nothing since. I have resolved to the fact that it is not God’s will for me to have another child. If I were to miscarry again anyway if I get pregnant, I really would rather not get pregnant at all.

    Praying for God’s best for all of you. Losing a baby is never going to be easy.


  13. Valerie

    Thank you for this post and your encouragement. I am currently going through a miscarriage (been going on for about 3 days now) due to a blighted ovum. It’s my first pregnancy and I was SO excited (I’ve been wanting a child for years now). My heart is broken in so many places.

    I think what’s encouraged me the most is the section on “A loss was most likely a chromosomal error if…” Although I hate the thought of a “bad” egg and/or sperm, it’s comforting to me to know that I *do* have a healthy uterine environment, as the pregnancy failed early and it’s taken over 3 weeks from my first ultrasound where the blighted ovum was first mentioned as a possibility for the pregnancy to start ending.

    I already miss my baby – though s/he never grew beyond a small mass of cells – and hope to meet him/her in Heaven one day. May God bless you and your family, Jeannie.


    Jennie Reply:

    May God comfort your heart and give your heart’s desire in His time. My husband and I are TTC now. I’m turning 35 next month. We’re praying. But it is ultimately God who will allow or not allow us. He knows what’s best. Whispering a prayer your way, Valerie. :)


    Valerie Reply:

    Thank you Jennie. We are starting again, though it’s been mentally challenging. I ended up having to have a D&C (despite really not wanting to!) because the gestational sac just didn’t want to leave, even after a week of miscarrying.

    God has indeed been a huge comfort to me, and I am so thankful for the love that was poured out to me and my husband during this time. It is amazing how God can use His people to bring blessings to the hurting!

    I hope and pray that you and your husband are successful in your journey, and that God will fill up the empty spaces inside from your loss.


  14. Olivia

    I miscarried around July 4 due to a blighted ovum, I was 9 weeks when I had the devastating ultrasound. I was sad that first day, but I was able to function normally. I thought there was something wrong with me, because after that I seemed to be unfeeling. I waited for it to happen, since I was told it was the “safest” thing for me. Well, it was horrible. 10 days of hemorrhaging and afraid to go out in public. I ended up having to get a D&C.

    After I got home, and it was all over, it was like the floodgates opened. I cried for days on end. I was so sad, that I can’t explain it. I felt so alone and like there was no one who understood what I was going through. What is the hardest, is that when I found out I was pregnant, I already started preparing for this child. I was given something for a moment and I already loved this baby. Then when I discovered the baby was gone, it was such a deep and private loss to me, because no one else knew about the pregnancy except my husband.

    The Lord knows what He’s doing. Our tiny minds can’t wrap around His plans for us. What is comforting is that He is so big and so great and loves us all and knows us. He knew what was best for me. I feel His presence in my life, because He intervened. He took care of me.


    Jennie Reply:

    Oh Olivia, I feel you! And what you said is true. The Lord knows what He’s doing. Trying circumstances such as these can be so rough and overwhelming. But God’s grace proves to be sufficient every time. I praise God for this testimony of your life. He really is enough.

    My husband and I are now ttc. Praying for God’s best. He knows the desires of our hearts and has the plans of our lives written. It’s all up to Him. :)


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  16. mao

    I’m so thankful to see this site and enlightened my mind with what happened to my pregnancy. I am on my 12 weeks when I experienced spotting. I immediately went on an U/S but sad to know I have a blighted ovum. My OB said I might go for a D&C to clear it out or she gave me a chance to wait for 2weeks and repeat U/S because we might just know miracles will happen and a baby will grow by that time. Chances are, maybe we had just mistakes in calculating and just expected an early development. I really want to wait but I’m just scared while waiting.I’m still bleeding right now although it’s just light bleed yet I’m still worrying. And I’m just praying that if it’s not really meant to be, it will just M/C naturally. I don’t want to undergo D&C. Moms, I wanted your comfort message about my problem. Should I wait or not hope as well. I am really confused right now.


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  19. amanda

    It’s been about a month since I miscarriaried with twin blighted ovums at 12 weeks and it has completely devistated me. My question is that I here it happens because of “bad eggs or sperm” but since I had twins and it happened to both of them does that mean that all of my eggs are bad? I’m 33 so maybe my age is a factor? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


    Joy Reply:

    What I was told was that it means that there was a genetic defect in either sperm or egg. It doesn’t mean all your eggs are bad or that all his sperm is. My 1st 2 pregnancies resulted in blighted ovums…the first at 8 weeks, the 2nd at 12 weeks. We thought something was wrong with us and went for genetic counseling and testing and we’re both fine. I am now pregnant at 28 weeks with a baby girl and everything has been fine. I was also told the number of pregnancies that go to full term are significantly lower than those that result in miscarriage, blighted ovum, etc. These things just aren’t talked about and that’s the problem. As far as age I was told 35 and older is a bit tougher. Hope that helps. I’m sure you’re fine. Don’t worry.


  20. Noemi

    Hi, I just found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child a week ago, I started to discharge and than bleed so I went to the hospital. It seems i am only 5 weeks along and they did an ultrasound on me and found that I have a gestational sac in my uterus, but no embryo. I am devastated and worse is that i was told nothing definative as of yet. I was told that I could be having a blighted ovum, ectopic pregnancy or simply implanting but its too soon to tell. So I have to go on day by day wondering what is happening with this lil baby that was created but is probably already gone. How do I cope with that? I have 2 boys and had a mid pregnancy miscarriage at 5 months with my 1st pregnancy…I was hoping for my lil girl and now that may not be so. I am bleeding heavier today so Im pretty sure that I am miscarrying and there’s nothng I can do about it, I just have to wait while this lil life dies inside of me….this is torture and painful beyond what I can even say. Tears flow down my face as I write this and my heart is shattered in a million pieces. Why did this happen to me again?? I dont want to feel this pain anymore…I just wanna know what to do!!!


  21. Edelyn

    Hi to all, last June 4 I was happy when I knew that I was pregnant, I was 7 weeks pregnant by then. But came June 6 in the morning I felt abdominal cramps and when I went to the CR, I was already bleeding. I was so afraid that time and we decided to go to the OB, it was not a heavy bleeding although so I was not admitted to the ER. I had several lab test like urinalysis and CBC because when I arrived at the clinic I already had a fever. After my ultrasound, the doctor found out that there was no baby yet, so she told me maybe it was just a sign of early pregnancy, I was advised to have 1 week complete bed rest and was given some medication. Almost one week I had bleeding, at that time I was asking myself why this happened? I didn’t do anything to hurt my baby, I was crying but trying to stop myself also to think that it can make my situation worse. After 1 week my bleeding gone and came June 26 , I had my second ultrasound hoping that all will go well, but sad news came when I asked the doctor is there is already a baby in my womb, she said ” I can’t see anything or a baby” maybe it stop from developing. When I heard that I immediately went out from her room and went to my husband to tell him, I almost cried but I said maybe the baby is really not for us. Maybe God has another plan for me. Tomorrow I will meet my OB to discuss my condition. I’m hoping that I’ll be okay soon..May God bless us another baby on the right time.


  22. Allie

    I’m 38, expecting our third baby. Went in for routine u/s at 11weeks 6days and they told me only a gestational sac was visible measuring at 5 weeks 3 days. Had my HCG level tested on the same day as the ultrasound and level was just over 12,000. I’ve been having light brown spotting since 11weeks 2 days. Nothing prepared me for a blighted ovum diagnoses. I’ve had morning sickness, sore boobs that grew a cup size, food aversions, just the same as my other two successful pregnancies. I did have light brown spotting with previous pregnancies too. I’m just devasted. So here I am, technically at 12 weeks 2 days pregnant but not really pregnant. I couldn’t get in for a D&C consult until tomorrow afternoon. Really hoping and praying I don’t have to go through this miscarriage at home. I feel so cheated….blighted ovum is a very cruel joke.


    Anna Reply:

    Hi there. My husband and I had been trying for close to a year to have a child. I have pcos a large fibroid and cystic ovaries. I was scheduled to go in for surgery to have the fibroid removed, ovarian drilling and a dye study. Well at the preop low and behold we were pregnant. That was July 17th. One day after our one year anniversary. They’ve been doing ultrasounds to monitor the fibroid. The first one they were able to see a sac measuring roughly 5 weeks 3 days. Fast forward about a week later. We go on vacation and I start having some brown discharge. They do an ultrasound at the er since I am out of town. Now the sac measures 6 weeks 1 day but still no yolk sac or baby. The pa on call said its a blighted ovum. I ask what the chance of this changing in a week is (since I’m still somewhat early). He told us zero..Zero chance. Then says “sorry.” Apparently tact is something that they need to work on in medical school. I’m not looking to be mislead but delivering that news could be done with some sincerity. I know its all Gods plan but its so hard. I go see my doctor wed to see what they say and prob discuss options. I found this quote on another website….” It’s not the load that breaks you down, its how you carry it.” I’m doing my best to remember that and will continue to try everyday to carry it with the grace and with the faith only God can provide me.


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