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The resilience of the Filipino spirit, I believe, is something that has ushered our country to move forward despite the many odds. From one calamity after another, we have kept our spirits high by helping each other through the age-old concept of Bayanihan.

Last week, I was able to visit the Gawad Kalinga’s Trese Community in Payatas for the first time.  I’ve always been curious about Gawad Kalinga and here was an opportunity to actually learn more about this very inspiring community.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Right from the time that we got pregnant with our son, my husband and I have always had this resolve of training him aright, in all departments – physical, emotional, spiritual, mental. As we armed ourselves with resources  and agreed on principles, it made us more confident to welcome our son when he arrived.

When I blogged about some Parenting Insights We Can Use, I mentioned the resources that were instrumental and essentially influenced how we are bringing up our son and basically why our sanity are still pretty much intact to this day. We knew right on that we weren’t going to hire a nanny for our son, so while other people call it selfish for wanting our baby to sleep through the night early on, we actually studied and experimented on Ezzo’s principles. We love our son so much that any hint of us damaging him in any way, that principle will find itself thrown out the window. One of the things that people against Babywise principles have is the risk of undernourishment.

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posted by Jennie on Oct 13

It was five years ago when the hubby and I first experienced Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park with 36 other BlogVenturers. We relive it to this day with such fondness still. Definitely one of the few unforgettable out of town blog events we attended back in the day. I cannot help but be thrilled with the prospect of visiting again together with my boys. The visit became a reality last week. As homeschoolers, we were shooting to have our “field trip” that day and the destination cannot be more interesting than this.

on the way to island cove

 The 3 Js on their way to Island Cove. :)


A quick shot I took from the van upon entry, uploaded on Instagram. Nice to see you again, Island Cove!

During the Detour: Island Cove Adventure in 2009, I had so much fun as we ran around the island in teams. We saw glimpses of the facilities and areas as we did the most exciting “amazing race” I have ever gotten myself involved in. It was so much fun that 5 years after, we still share the same heart with fellow bloggers who joined that trip.  This time around with no rush to do any racing, my family was able to breathe in and actually enjoy the facilities. It was such a rewarding, educational and fun time with my family.

Island Cove Electric Jeep

Electric Jeepney

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park is a family friendly place. I cannot help but be reminded of Plantation Bay, aside from the electric jeepneys, essentially because of the endless possibilities families get to enjoy for quality bonding time. Although both vary in their offerings, there are a lot of facilities that families and friends can enjoy together. The plus, for us, who are living in the metro, is that Island Cove is a mere 15 minutes away from Mall of Asia. It’s so close! I was actually surprised when we drove through the entrance of Island Cove last week. I don’t really remember getting there as fast 5 years ago.  Island Cove is a perfect getaway from the metro madness that won’t have us drive so far to enjoy a lovely escape from our regular grind as a family.

  • 113 Hotel Rooms
  • a new 8-lane Bowling Alley
  • 3-hectare Fishing grounds
  • 4 giant slides at the Oceania swimming complex
  • a jacuzzi and 2 pools exclusive for hotel guests
  • Fit Club
  • Interactive Game Room
  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Adventure Zone: Paintball Arena, Airsoft field, Biking and a challenge course
  • 2 Restaurants serving Filipino and Western cuisine
  • a Family KTV  
  • a disco

While I knew that Island Cove has lots of existing facilities back from our 2009 visit, it wasn’t until last week that we actually got to experience the facilities and drink in the fun of it all! The best part of it is that I thrilled over the whole thing with my boys! It was priceless and definitely something that we are looking forward to do to all over again.

fishing village

I’ll let you in on a secret. A couple of weeks before our trip to Island Cove, my family and I were in Eden Nature Park in Davao. While we enjoyed our day trip there, especially the cheap Mangosteen and Marang, the one thing that our little guy was looking forward to, which was fishing, we failed to do. The Fishing Village in Eden Nature Park closes at 4PM and we finished our nature park tour past 4! We went home that day with a teary-eyed boy, who insisted on going back the day after. We could’ve considered to go back only if we weren’t flying back to Manila that day. So we came home with a heartbroken boy. We prayed that night, in between his sobs, to be able to find a place near the metro where we can go fishing when we fly home. The answer was practically instant as we woke up the next day with an invitation to visit Island Cove. The recreational activity, “fishing”, never sounded so beautiful until then. Sure, we could’ve went on the long road of looking for a place to fish when we get home. But the timing of the invite cannot be more perfect, I knew that it was the affirming hand of God orchestrating and allowing my little mommy heart to provide my son’s heart’s delight!

island cove fishing boy

Island Cove Fishing Village

fishing village boy

 My little man on his fishing business mode. :-)

fishing village first catch

 First Catch – Tilapia!

The delight in those eyes when he caught his first fish was priceless, he was practically jumping when he caught a slightly bigger tilapia! That boy was over the moon! He was so proud that he caught two, while his Papa, none. He’s always in this competitive mode. If it’s not roughhousing or who topples the other first, it’s fishing. :D

Great food! 

 The Fishing Village is facing Manila Bay and has 21 huts on bamboo stilts with spectacular views of the Manila and Makati skylines. This Filipino-themed restaurant offers guests a unique experience in dining. Guests can go fishing and may have their catch cooked or can order Filipino favorites from the menu including dishes that are unique to Cavite. Top recommendations are the Pinoy Boodle Feast and the Lechon sa Buho. Island Cove has four food and beverage outlets managed by Executive Chef Jomar Medrano.

fishing village lunch with gov. gilbert remulla

Hearty lunch amidst great company at the Fishing Village

Island Cove Managing Director Mr. Gilbert Remulla gave us an update on the ongoings of Island Cove’s year-long renovation of their hotel rooms, cabanas and dormitories. They are done with the first phase and their completion target is set by mid-2015.

Sangley Point’s boasts of delectable western-style cuisine. Their must try food items that were winners for us are the baked baby back ribs, the burgers that my son loved to the last morsel, margherita and four-cheese pizzas and their guava iced tea. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rommel Arellano is not your average person. At the age of 1, he was stricken with poliomyelitis. Since then, his only means of walking and moving about were his arms and hands covered with slippers. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Rommel brushed off discrimination and determined to accomplish feats even able-bodied people would find challenging. This included becoming successful in different jobs—from selling insurance, disc jockey, emcee, singer and musician, to being a call center agent, resource speaker and school guidance counselor.

But these accomplishments pale in comparison to the greatest achievement Rommel has so far done—help other people despite his condition, influencing them to be optimistic despite problems and infecting them with a positive attitude and a profound sense of happiness. This feat has won for Rommel the Search for the Happiest Pinoy award in 2012 and the grand prize of P250,000 cash.

Rommel Arellano with General Manager of Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions Jonathan Batangan

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Getting pregnant on purpose isn’t as easy as people might think. Yes, there are millions of cases when girls get pregnant because they didn’t use the best methods of protection properly but when you and your husband are planning to get a baby – stuff can get out of hand quickly.There are several solid tips and tricks that you should follow when thinking about becoming pregnant for the first time. It is a huge responsibility and challenge that you shouldn’t take on lightly. There are tons of good quality sites for young mothers that could give you a helping hand with the process: Read the rest of this entry »

posted by Jeff on Sep 21

I have nothing but praises for you, Jennie. Remember the post where I made a list of positive words to describe a wife like you? Well, here they are again but I am so amazed and humbled to see this list grow as time passes. The good things, words that I used before to describe you – you have remained that and more good things have come from you since then. Although some of the words I have added, really, you were those already before but I was just blind to notice them.

God is to be thanked, praised and glorified for the wonderful person He has created and continue to mold in You. Thank you, Jennie, for giving life to me, Jed and to many people around you like your family and friends. Your authenticity build up and refresh individuals whom you interact with. You are loved and You share this love with us. Thank you for your life!

This list below contains traits and characteristics that I have seen in you. Please compare this to my list that I shared last year and see how difficult it is to run out of good words to describe you. To me you are:



As a gift, I offer you this song which expresses how I truly feel about your whole being.

Angel (Jeff’s Rendition)
Original by Casting Crowns

Verse 1:
It was a day
Just like any other day
I was a boy
Just like every other boy

When a girl
Unlike any I had seen
It’s like she stepped out of a dream
And into my world

Could have been the summer wind
Playing with her hair
As the sun danced in her eyes
We were standing there
She smiled, I forgot my name
‘Cause all I was thinking

Chorus 1:
Maybe I’m crazy but I’m praying
That an angel will love me
An angel will love me
Maybe I’m a fool but I’m still falling
Asking heaven above me
For an angel to love me
The rest of my life
The rest of my life

Verse 2:
You’re the proof
That the Father answers prayer
By God’s grace
You woke me up from a deep, dark slumber

With a love so steady
And a strength that never falls
For you I forsake all
From the deepest part of me, “I love you”, Jennie

Chorus 2:
Maybe I’m crazy but I’m claiming
You’re the angel who loved me
The angel who loved me
Maybe I’m a fool but I’m praying,
Asking heaven above me
That my angel would love me

And after all the changing seasons
Have turned to years
The crowds are gone
And the songs have faded
I’ll still be here
Holding you
And thanking heaven
For my angel

Maybe I’m crazy but I’m claiming
You’re the angel who loved me
The angel who loved me
Maybe I’m a fool but I’m praying,
Asking heaven above me
That my angel would love me

You are my angel
You are the angel that loved me

Maybe I’m a fool but I’m praying,
Asking heaven above me
That my angel would love me
The rest of my life
The rest of my life

(YouTube video to follow soon)

Happy birthday, my Jennie love! Mahal na mahal kita at salamat sa pagmamahal mo!

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It was a joy for me to witness Jollibee making a difference to Lolos and Lolas on Grandparent’s Day at Kanlungan ni Maria. Marissa Sanchez entertained these beautiful seasoned bunch and rendered them  old school songs that they are familiar with. Seeing their priceless smiles and laughters made my day.

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