posted by Jennie on Aug 29

Manila Workshops, The Learning Basket and Unilab supported by the Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI) are proud to present the Homeschooling Conference of 2014, entitled Educating for Life: Homeschooling with Passion, Purpose and Confidence. It will be held at the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center from 8AM for registration (program starts at 10) to 5:30PM.

Homeschooling is a lifestyle with the goal of educating our children for life and not for grades. This year, the event will be bigger and better as we have an exciting line up of speakers, who will share their knowledge and experiences in this whole-day event. The morning session will be for the keynote speech and a performance by a homeschool orchestra. The afternoon session will have all the talks, with 2 talks to choose from per time slot.

We have invited speakers that we want to learn from, as they are all experienced and passionate homeschooling parents who want to let others know about this great educational option for kids.

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posted by Jed on Aug 26

It was our 9 year old son who chose the book “Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company” by Homer Hickam from amongst the library of Thomas Nelson choices. He finished it a week since we had it downloaded. I’ll take note to have the review done sooner so the story will still be fresh in his mind. Jed finished the book more than a month ago and now I’ll have him take it from here:

Book Description

The Earth is devastated and the worst elements of humanity are determined to take over the moon. It’s up to the settlers of the harsh, gray moon to fight back.

Kidnapped by an evil group intent on the destruction of the world and capture of the moon, Maria Medaris, co-leader of the moon’s richest and most powerful family, initially fights for her life, but is soon dazzled by the promises and enticements of her captors.

Crater Trueblood, once rejected by Maria but still in love with her, and Crescent, a female bioengineered warrior fiercely loyal to Crater, use their cunning and deadly skills to come to her aid.

But will Maria be on their side when they get to her? And what of the Earth itself which is in the crosshairs of a destruction not seen since the massive extinction of the dinosaurs?

The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

The book is about a futuristic adventure, which is actually the sequel of two earlier books, Crater and Crescent. The main characters are:

1. Crater Trueblood, of course, I wouldn’t exclude him because the book is named after him.
2. Crescent Claudine Bessette, a crowhopper.
3. Petro Mountbatten-Jones, half-brother of Crater.
4. Maria Medaris, the second highest rank in the Medaris Enterprises and a family member of one of the richest families on the Moon.

What I liked most about the book are the fusers, the tugs, the jump cars, and the warpods. Those high-techie futuristic spacecrafts, especially the fusers, can go up to quarter-light speed. The tugs are kind of small rockets that the fusers require for lift off. Warpods, on the other hand, are like fusers except they need no tugs for lift off and they’re more built for battle than fusers which only have communication satellites, a space cab and a robotic arm that allows them to move cargo into the fuser because it’s more like a cargo ship except that it is only used in space. The warpod and the fuser are the only ones that can reach L5, a used-to-be-empty space which was in that time, filled with asteroids which are launched by tugs. There is a space station there, probably in the middle of L5, where in the story, Maria was kidnapped and brought to.

The story of Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company took my interest particularly because of all the space sci-fi techie stuff that I love reading about. It was an easy read that I got done with it in just a few days. If I weren’t doing my homeschool pacework then I would have finished it sooner.
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posted by Jennie on Aug 20

Aside from homeschooling, the come-and-go VA jobs I’ve had since 2009, the mentoring I’m doing as part of a team of an online Christian ministry, one ritual I do at least once a week (twice a week during summer) is the laundry. While I can do away with homeschooling (during break), the VA jobs (when contract expires), the mentoring of wives and the laundry are tasks that I cannot do away with. The former is a commitment, the laundry is something that’s just plain non-negotiable. Simply because dirty clothes don’t clean themselves and I end up suffering spending a whole day to do more laundry than I ought to the week after. With a limited clothesline I have outside our house, I just don’t have the luxury to wait it out another week.

But one thing I have learned in my years of good housekeeping (not the magazine), is that if there’s something I cannot do away with,  aside from keeping in mind’s Brian Tracy’s “Eat that Frog” mantra (wherein I make sure I eat the “ugliest” frog first – meaning the hardest tasks/hated most), it is always wise to learn to love the things you cannot do away with - one of which is the laundry. It’s my ever recurring labor of love that I do for my family. I’m grateful enough that we have a fully automatic washer that makes laundry easy. Just dump, fill slots designated for laundry detergents and fabric conditioner and hang the clothes when washing is done.

If you will read back through old posts, I kind of take seriously this homemaking career I’ve been blessed with. Take for example my coming up with Easy Homemade Laundry Detergent. I’ve kind of tried concocting my own homemade fabric conditioner too but so far I’ve not come up with something better than Vernel. Read the rest of this entry »

posted by Jeff on Aug 15

Are you considering a rent-to-own house and lot? I remember that it was back in 2005 when I, my wife and our less-then-one-year-old son moved in to the fourth residence we rented in our four years of marriage. It was during that time, when we moved in to a 3rd floor apartment in Comembo, Makati where we had to squeeze in our stuff like the dining table, sofa, bed, refrigerator and washing machine through a long and narrow passage way, that we seriously considered searching for homes for sale wherever possible.

I still have the vivid memory of me telling my wife, after helping the movers figure out how to bring our stuff up to our apartment and carrying them, “I hope the next time we move, we’ll be moving in to our own house.” Whether that was out of desperation after moving for the fourth time, a task that I have gotten used to growing up in my own family of origin, or out of real need, we started to seriously pray for a lot and a house that was for sale.

Two years after, in April 2007, all by God’s grace and favor, we moved in to our own house. It was not through Pag-ibig that we acquired our house even though that was the first consideration back then. I did go through the process of inquiring about how to apply for a Pag-ibig housing loan; attending a seminar and preparing the required documents. We also searched for rent-to-own houses, or affordable house and lots in the outskirts of Metro Manila but found none that would fit our budget. Money was a major consideration then since our son was less than a year old. But through God’s special plan and provision we were able to have our house built through a loan and are now half-way through our 14-year mortgage plan.

Lancaster New City logo

The good news is that many middle income families like us can now own a house and lot. The Lancaster New City Cavite, formerly known as Lancaster Estates, is the perfect option since their properties are available through Pag-ibig financing. You can choose from townhouses to single attached homes.

Alice House in Kensington Village

Alice House in Kensington Village

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posted by Jennie on Aug 15

Mark your calendars, Mommies! Breeze ActivBleach is treating mommies across the country to a day off from their laundry chores with the simultaneous nationwide event 1Laba Day happening on August 28. Moms in barangays throughout Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are invited to head to 1Laba Day venues and let Breeze’s revolutionary ActivBleach take care of their stained clothes while they take part in exciting activities Breeze has in store for them to celebrate every mother’s hard work and love for her family.

Breeze ActivBleach 1Laba Day

With 1 Laba Day, Breeze aims to wash 1 million stains using Breeze ActivBleach, which removes even the toughest of stains in just one wash. Participating moms can enjoy their ultimate laundry day-off as Breeze treats them to various entertainment activities, while the Breeze Laba Ladies and Laba Machines, sponsored by campaign partners Electrolux, White Westinghouse, Whirpool and LG, will take care of washing their clothes.

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posted by Jennie on Aug 9

Declared by virtue of Proclamation No. 831, s. 2014, here’s the list of National Holidays for 2015. As homeschoolers, we initially did not really follow after these national holidays but that changed in 2013, when we started with Level 5.

January 1, 2015, Thursday – New Year’s Day (Regular holiday)

January 2, 2015, Friday – Additional special non-working day (Special non-working day)

February 19, 2015, Thursday – Chinese New Year (Special non-working day)

February 25, 2015, Wednesday – EDSA Revolution anniversary (Special holiday)

April 2, 2015, Thursday – Maundy Thursday (Regular holiday)

April 3, 2015, Friday – Good Friday (Regular holiday)

April 4, 2015, Saturday – Black Saturday (Special non-working day)

April 9, 2015, Thursday – Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular holiday)

May 1, 2015, Friday – Labor Day (Regular holiday)

June 12, 2015, Friday – Independence Day (Regular holiday)

August 21, 2015, Friday – Ninoy Aquino Day (Special non-working day)

August 31, 2015, last Monday of August – National Heroes Day (Regular holiday)

November 1, 2015, Sunday – All Saints Day (Special non-working day)

November 30, 2015, Monday – Bonifacio Day (Regular holiday)

December 24, 2015, Thursday – Additional special non-working day (Special non-working day)

December 25, 2015, Friday – Christmas Day (Regular holiday)

December 30, 2015, Wednesday – Rizal Day (Regular holiday)

December 31, 2015, Thursday – Last day of the year (Special non-working day)

posted by Jennie on Aug 8

One thing we try to make sure we practice in our family is prudence. I believe that as we are given stewardship to things, we are to be responsible in h. An offshoot probably of my ever frugal mom’s influence on me. But I fall short still if one will strictly scrutinize. Prudence makes perfect sense. Why spend more than we ought and why keep things that we don’t use? Even if one has a lot of money to spend, it is plain wastage and irresponsible to not care. Because even if the cost does not hurt your pocket, the bigger picture of the consumption in the large scale costs energy from the source and mother nature herself .

I have mentioned this in previous posts but here are few of the things that we do to save:

  • Whenever we buy anything for ourselves, we give away one or two things away of our old stuff. In this day and age of consumerism, it is easy to be eaten up and find ourselves hoarding things we do not really make use of. Our son is so used to this that it is almost natural for him to pick things from his stash when he gets anything new.
  • Using LED bulbs. All 4 lamps that we have at home are fixed with 1watt LED bulb each. Our front porch light, 2watts, each bulb in our dining room chandelier, 2watts. Upstairs T & B, 4watts, etc. Because we get to save a lot on electricity costs out of using these, our bill doesn’t go sky-high when summer months come. Why pay more than you should?

The most we paid when summer was at its peak was P2,124.56

  • We have been using an automatic airconditioner timer since we bought our first unit. We set it on an initial 30 minute-ON, then a cycle of 30minute-OFF and 15 minute-ON on repeat until around 3 in the morning. This brings us a total of, just give or take 3 hours total of airconditioner usage throughout the night. Even with the fan still on the whole time, the consumption is still kept to a minimum.
  • We use Inverter appliances. A fridge and an Electrolux Split type airconditioner.  I never knew the value of inverter appliances until my mom mentioned that during days we were on vacation, our energy consumption will be at most, 1kwh, sometimes zero per day, even with the fridge left on.

My leaning towards good stewardship draws me towards Electrolux’s bend on helping mothers like me find smarter and more efficient ways to do things.

Delightful-E Simple to Save banner_940x330px

Delightful-E Simple to Save

Doing the laundry is seen as a daunting task by most moms. It can be both time-consuming and costly especially if you don’t have the right laundry partner to help you out. “Electrolux understands that every peso and second counts,” said Andrea Pionilla, Marketing Manager of Electrolux Philippines. “This is the reason behind Delightful-E Simple. We want to help moms save not just money but also their precious time by making their everyday tasks delightfully simple and easy.”

Savings Calculator
Your daily savings may seem small but when added in a year may give you just enough funds for a brand new smartphone. To keep you motivated on your savings journey, Electrolux developed the Savings Calculator. This easy-to-use Facebook app was designed to help you track your laundry expenses and savings. Know how much you can save when you choose smarter ways to take care of your laundry with the Electrolux Savings Calculator.

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